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360 VR - Inside Giantess Katelyn's Pantry

This morning Katelyn went to her favorite snack shop to restock up on shrunken people. The high price is certainly no obstacle for this Goddess. She purchased not just one, but many, and released them all on her pantry shelves. The thrill of hunting them down, watching how they react when they're found, tormenting them evilly, teasing them sexually, swallowing them whole and setting an example for the next pretty much rounds up how she indulges in them. Not to mention how much it entertains and satisfies her Vore fetish! She already swallowed some of the shrunken people this morning and is now back to thoroughly enjoy several more, one of which very well may be you...

Begging and pleading won't save anyone from being her food. Especially considering how she takes playing with her food to a whole new level. One of them even jumped off the pantry shelf this morning, but his attempt to make an escape in such a manner only led to his body splattering on the cold hard tiled floor. That which Katelyn later takes pleasure in smearing around with her bare foot in front of another before gulping him down next. At least he also got a nice view of her ass to jerk off to before going down. I mean... that's just one very small example of what happened in her pantry today... and if it was you and you knew there was no escaping the soon-to-be fate of getting eaten by a giant girl, wouldn't you perhaps want to get one last one off, especially to such a hot Goddess as Katelyn Brooks?

Five more shrunken people remain hidden amongst the canned and boxed food on the pantry shelves. Buy now to find out how the rest of this story unfolds and immerse yourself into the VR experience first hand! It truly is a Vore fetishist's pantry fantasy dream come true! Xox, Katelyn ♥

Features: 360 virtual reality, pov, swallowed-whole vore scenario of six shrunken people (plus one saved for later), lots of sexy vore dialogue and foreplay from yours truly (with mouth, BIG belly, supple cleavage, plus just a little bit of panty clad booty and bare feet), subtle Giantess voice effect.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
36:32 minutes
1920x960 mp4
360 vr, virtual reality, pov, pantry, vore, big belly, cleavage, inside mouth, close up, tongue, lips, lingerie, bra, panties, bloated, crush tease, feet, floor view, booty, butt, vr360, multiple, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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