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Pierced Brother

Silvia's brother accidentally shrunk himself and waits for his sister to come home and help him. Silvia enters the kitchen notices that her someone drank her shrinking potion. Figuring it can only be her brother she smiles and starts looking for him. She's going to have fun with his shrunken body.

She finds him among some candies and loves it. After teasing him she drops him in her mouth and swirls him around like he's just another candy. But she almost accidentally swallows him and doesn't want that. 

So she figures out a solution, she gets a small thread (or floss or something) and takes her tongue ring out of her mouth and ties his body to it. (like really against the tongue ring instead of being loose). She teases him all the while and when he's nicely secures, he goes back into her mouth. He's now just her prisoner on her tongue and teases him by making pictures with her phone and making funny faces. Then she leaves.

When she returns she's quite hungry. He's been on her tongue for the day, just stuck and along for the ride. She gets some food and starts eating with her brother still tied to her stud. She loves how helpless he is and really enjoys teasing him. 

Finally she finishes her food and decide what to do with him. She gives him a choice, live the next couple of days on her tongue while she lives her life. Or agree to be a sex toy for his sister. To her amusement he chooses to be her sex toy, just so he can get out of her mouth. She get's him out and tells him he choose this as she lowers him down and inserts him in her pussy. She smiles and leaves to have fun with him.


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
26:15 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, piercing, mouth, tongue, uvula, food, eating, selfie, camera, photo, short hair, tongue ring

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