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I'm stuffed! Now fill up me up with your big cock!

"Fuck, this is the tightest my stomach has ever felt in my entire life." Katelyn loves how big and bloated her belly is after enjoying two meals. She can even feel the food backed up at the end of her esophagus and describes how much pleasure she is in from eating to her satisfaction and beyond. You can't take your eyes off how big her belly is, especially when she pulls up her shirt and teases you with her scrumptious under-boob and cleavage.

"As full as I am, I can't help but to take one more bite." After letting out one burp from deep deep in her belly, she gives into her temptation and eats one more honey walnut shrimp, moaning in pleasure, rubbing her belly, smacking her lips in delight. "It's so good! My taste buds are having an orgasm in my mouth. Oh fuck!" Now she's ready to get filled up in a different way... with a nice big special load from your big cock squiring into her stuffed body.

"I can't see past my belly, slide yourself deep inside of me!" As she fucks you cowgirl style she talks about how her belly has gotten bigger over the last several months, how stuffed full she currently is, and how you're really filling her up with every inch of your well endowed manhood. Her big tits and belly bounce above you as she cums all over you... what a glorious view you have as you fuck her! After you're done she invites you downstairs to watch as she finishes the Chinese leftovers to keep herself feeling absolutely stuffed!

Features: stuffed full dialogue, big bloated belly, cleavage, pov cowgirl sex with well endowed viewer


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:39 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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