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The After-Party Vore Victims

Katelyn has you and another party goer tied up and now she's going to have her way with both of you. "Never been with a kinky girl huh? You're really in for it!" You've been checking out her busty cleavage all day at the lingerie party and would do anything to get closer to her magnificent tits. That's why both of you let her tie you up. Even though she does give you a closer look at her heaving breasts, she has something else in mind as you jerk your dick... "Looking at you makes me hungry." your dick is throbbing, wanting release, and just as you think she's about to go down on you when she says "I just need to get a taste of you!" she swallows you whole. (implied full size vore)

Katelyn gulps you down, her stomach growls in delight, and she stands up to reveal her stretched out belly which is now perfectly accommodating him... her attention turns to you, her second victim. You shrank down to ten inches in perfect timing and now you'll be going into her stomach next. She most certainly is enjoying having her way with both of you and it's nothing personal- she has the Vore fetish and both of you were just oh so eager to have fun with her, not knowing what you were getting yourselves into.

The first man has already nearly been digested. As for you, the spiked drink you guzzled down not only shrank you, but it'll also make you resilient to her digestive acids for some time which will feel fucking great to her. She further indulges in her Vore fetish by sportscasting the situation as she rubs her huge stomach, taunting you, showing you where you'll be going. She loves it so much! Now it's your turn...

Buy now to jump right into this hot Vore story and find yourself at the mercy of the Vore fetishist Queen, Giantess Katelyn Brooks!

Features: Full size vore (implied pov), close up, pov, cleavage, tease, mouth cam, big lips, 10" shrunken man (implied pov), big belly, in-panty masturbation while fantasizing about Vore as a real Giantess!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:14 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
big belly, pov, close up, cleavage, mouth cam, vore, tongue, tits, lingerie, masturbation, giantess fetish, tease, seduce, shrink, full size, black bra, lip licking, giantess katelyn, katelyn brooks

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