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Preggy Wifey Loves Burping, Fucking, and Stuffing!

You come home to find your pregnant wife sitting on the floor by the pantry and burping from over indulging in her cravings while you were out at work. Lately she's been stuffing herself so full that it's made her pregnant belly even bigger and rounder. When you go out together, people think she's further along in the pregnancy than she actually is. She likes their reactions from seeing her eat, burp, and waddle -- people love to see a satisfied pregnant woman! She sloths out of her belly shirt and yoga pants to get a little more comfortable and reveals that she'd like to stay big even after the pregnancy. This turns you on so much and it gets even better...

"If I want to keep this cravings satisfied then I'm going to need to get out a lot more of this gas. Since you're home, how about you fuck it out of my belly?" You get yourself comfortable on the floor because right now she's not going to be waddling very far from the kitchen. She stands above you with her big belly, strips her thong off, grabs a snack, and lowers down onto you. You feel amazing inside of her. She moans in ecstasy riding you, making her burp, thoroughly enjoys her snack as well while riding your dick. Pregnancy sex has been the best! Before you know it she's cumming on your dick and her delicious snack is stuffed into her belly. She tells you to follow her to the bedroom to bang the rest of the gas out of her so she'll have room for a nice big dinner tonight.

Features: burping throughout, stuffing fetish dialogue, big pregnant belly, cowgirl pov sex with eating a fruit and nut bar, moaning / orgasm, happy satisfied wife.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:00 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
burping, pregnant, stuffing, pov sex, eating, big belly, full, wife, cleavage, snack, fetish video, kitchen, floor, food, moaning, happy, satisfied, uncomfortable Katelyn Brooks

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