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Kitty Katelyn's Belly Bulges out from Swallowing Two Shrunken Slaves who Grow in her Stomach

The Halloween season is upon us and it's gotten Katelyn in the mood to dress up and play a game with two of her slaves. They had both taken a temporary shrinking potion and were given one hour to hide before the big bad kitty Katelyn would come out to hunt them down. It takes her longer than expected to find them, but just in time to gulp the bug size men down if she's fast enough to do so before they grow back to their normal sizes.

Shrunken men are her favorite treat though, so despite their not being much time left, she can't help but savor the first slave for a few minutes while the other watches what will be happening to him next. After she gulps the first down she dismisses a strange sensation in her stomach, but it happens again and she looks down to see that the slave grew in her belly after getting swallowed. Her belly is now huge and bulging out! She doesn't mind at all... in fact she hopes the slave will be able to survive a longer period of time in of her digestive acids with being bigger and all!

Her hand reaches for the second slave. Now he gets to see what the first slave saw when he got swallowed. Around her big lips, tongue, teeth he goes. Getting slobbered up and dipped so deep in her mouth. Almost dropped past her uvula only to get pulled back out for a good rubbing by her tongue and have it happen all over again. She soon gulps him down, and he not only gets reunited with his friend inside of her stomach, but he grows in there as well.

Katelyn rubs her belly in delight that it is absolutely stuffed full of two large slaves. She admires how it bulges out past her hips and tits and she can still feel them both moving around. That was fun... now she's off to digest and think of what wicked games she wants to play next with other her slaves!

Features: deep mouth cam, pov, two shrunken man props, extreme pov close ups of lips and tongue, absolutely huge "bloated" belly, cleavage, playful character, first time theme of slaves that grow inside belly, belly rubbing and felt inside stomach dialogue.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:37 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
cat ears, vore, cleavage, big belly, shrunken man, pov, deep mouth cam, licking, saliva

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