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Erotically Addicted to an Enchantress' Beautiful Mouth

You awaken in an unfamiliar bedroom with a beautiful topless enchantress lying beside you. Katelyn explains that she shrunk you down and took you home because of your irresistible scent and now you are hers forever. She breathes all over your face, keeping you under her love spell which will last a lifetime. She plants her luscious lips on your little face and it feels like you've went to an erotic heaven. You are hard in an instant, and feel an incredible addiction. You want nothing more than to have more of her mouth and understand that this is now your life's purpose. Her mouth comes down to give you a taste...

She never knew something could taste so good. She comes in for another taste, this time going all out with face licking and face sucking to properly taste you. She must taste your semen as well... a few sucks on your dick and she finds out that your semen tastes fucking amazing too. So, it's final. She'll keep you around instead of swallowing you, as was the fate of other men to satisfy her pregnancy cravings.

You're now her mouth slave. A lollipop for her enjoy as her cravings call for, but you will need breath control in order to survive longer periods of getting sucked on. There's a lot of saliva, but you manage to build up breathing practice with her help when she releases her mouth from your face and tells you to breath. It's so erotic that she cums from sucking on you and without even touching herself. Now for round two and throughout the night...

Features: extreme close-ups, pov deep inside mouth, licking and sucking doll's face (and dick, twice), breath play, enchantress theme, touch of slow motion added to most of the third person pov face licking parts.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:46 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
close up, pov, deep inside mouth, big lips, saliva, breath, doll, face licking, face sucking, tongue, spell, enchantress, hypnotized, enslaved, breathing, breathe, dick, slow motion, soft vore, white manicure, fetish video, giantess katelyn, katelyn brook


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  1. Antonio's Avatar
    I loved your video Erotically Addicted to an Enchantress' Beautiful Mouth. I would love to be your mouth slave, sweet Giantess Katelyn.

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