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A Long-lasting Meal of Mortals

Katelyn's roommate has been incredibly scared of catching the coronavirus, quarantining herself at home during the pandemic -- not even leaving for groceries. Even though grocery delivery services exist, the restaurant that she works at has been closed, freezing her finances. During such a stressful time she's taken up the bad habit of eating any and all of Katelyn's food in the kitchen, leaving nothing behind but crumbs. Katelyn kindly brings up that it's become a problem, gives her some good ideas, offers to help out in different ways, but her roommate's pandemic caused anxiety has lead her to wanting only one thing -- to isolate herself from everything and everyone.

Her interest piques when Katelyn offers her a free place in which she can stay isolated for as long as she wants. When can she go? Right now, but in order to get there she must close her eyes. As strange as this sounds, she follows along. After a count down from three she hears Katelyn's lips smacking together and the sound of her heartbeat. She opens her eyes to a most terrifying sight -- to getting swallowed alive, sent to the dark depths of Katelyn's stomach.

Katelyn's belly bulges out, twitches, and groans while it welcomes in its new resident. "It might be scary now, but you'll get used to it before too long" And true, that is, after finding out that she won't be able to catch the virus -still her biggest fear, everything considered- whilst living inside of Katelyn's belly. Unlike mere mortals ... A WITCH isn't affected by the same viruses. Her body protects itself and what's in it. She takes comfort in what Katelyn tells her, and if she gets lonely then maybe Katelyn will get a stethoscope to chat with her or perhaps even let her roommate's boyfriend join in... if he's receptive and willing. She snuggles up to the insides of Katelyn's nice warm belly, but then the roommate's boyfriend arrives home. Katelyn quickly recomposes herself and heads to the living room.

The boyfriend enters the living room a short time later and asks Katelyn if she knows where his girlfriend is. He doesn't believe what she says. She must be joking, but at the same time he REALLY questions if what she's saying could be real. He even feels the movement in Katelyn's belly with his hand. "You wanna join her?" Questions flood his mind - Could this be some kind of trick? Is that really his girlfriend kicking around in there? How else could have Katelyn's belly gotten so big the same day? Do witches really exist? Could Katelyn really be one? How does she know all of these deep personal fears that his girlfriend had about getting sick? For now he decides to brush it off as some kind of rooommate prank, but Katelyn reminds him that she'll just be down the hallway in her bedroom or somewhere around the house when he's ready to join her.

"Until then we can enjoy pizza, watch a movie, do whatever, but I know this is going to be on your mind. It's going to be on my mind too because I'd love to have you in there with her. Both of you inside of me!"

After an exhausting two days of calling everyone he knew and looking everywhere they've been, he finds Katelyn in her bedroom. "Now you believe me, don't you? Yes? Well that's one thing, another thing is... well, are you ready to join her in my belly?" He looks into her wide open mouth, back her tongue, and feels ready. She must be telling the truth. Everything's been closed and she's single, there's no way she's pregnant or showing that much in a day, that's his girlfriend in her stomach and he's ready to join her!

Listening to her instruction, he closes his eyes "3... 2... 1..." but then he opens them, shrunken, scared, with a big wide open mouth in front of him... but Katelyn comforts him "Just think about how this will get you to your girlfriend. You can do it, I believe in you!" He crawls back her tongue and gets gulped down her gullet.

Katelyn lies on her side as the new resident settles into her belly. Although it might feel tight right now, her stomach will stretch out a bit more to accommodate both of them. He has been reunited with his girlfriend - how nice, right?! Well... Katelyn's tone starts to change... and to his great dismay he soon finds out that his girlfriend never offered to pay Katelyn back for eating hundreds of dollars worth of her food or make up for it in any kind of way. Now Katelyn will take the payback she deserves, plus interest, which is the boyfriend...

Getting even more comfortable with her top off, she explains to them how this will work. Instead of keeping them safe in her body she will let it digest them. First the girlfriend for the same amount of time she ate her food. This will keep her feeling nice and full and she won't have to buy any groceries. The boyfriend will have to watch his girlfriend get digested alive for months on end. And then, Katelyn will digest the boyfriend as interest. He will slowly melt away in her stomach acids, deep within her dark insides, while he thinks about the horrible fate they've endured. What a sad ending for them!

Features: roommates are tricked into getting swallowed, deep mouth cam, big belly, change of personality from helping a couple quarantine in belly to sadistically digesting them alive, they will be slowly digested for months as payback, stethoscope on belly while making fun of screams and mocking pleas.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
33:27 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
revenge, couple vore, sadistic, tricked, big belly, pov, mouth, stethoscope, boobs, cleavage, roommate, witch, boyfriend, girlfriend, uvula, tongue, lips, payback, digestion sounds, slow digestion, evil, quarantine, pandemic, swallowed whole, fetish video


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  1. sss's Avatar
    is there burping in theese videos long lasting meal and cheating step mother meal video
  2. Giantess Katelyn's Avatar
    Giantess K...
    Yes, there is a burp or two in both videos.

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