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Cumming in Sheer Black Zentai Suit at Work Desk

Katelyn can no longer focus on work, she's too horny from being fully encased in sheer black Zentai. Her hand reaches into the desk drawer and pulls out her "little friend" -a high end cordless vibrator- and she places it on her pussy (out of view). It gives her so much pleasure with very little effort, sucking on her clit and all. With the vibe going, her hands come up to pleasure her boobs. Her fingertips explore her body, gracing the Zentai suit. She admires the fabric, completely lusting for it and thoroughly enjoying being wrapped in it. Her hands dip back down to the vibrator for a more intense setting which soon makes her body rock back and forth uncontrollably, tits bouncing, head tilting back, moaning, bringing herself to orgasm. Phew! Now she can focus on work again while continuing to enjoy her Zentai outfit.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:59 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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  1. Jason's Avatar
    That was a lot hotter than I figured it was gonna be. I�ve never seen Zentai anything before beyond the suits, so I figured why not. Kinda looked like you just came in from robbing banks, ?? only the mask covered your body. Very bouncy. ??

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