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Cheating Step-Mother Gulps Family Down with Sandwich after Shrinking Accident

Katelyn's step-son and step-daughter were playing with their father's shrinking machine again and when he tried to return them to their normal size he accidentally shrunk himself too. They sought help somewhere their pregnant step-mother would surely see them - on her lunch. Their excitement turns into pure terror when she spreads a heap of mayo all over their little bodies, trapping them in the sticky substance on purpose while giving them some devastating news.

She's been thinking about how to leave the family because she's been having an affair. The baby is her new man's. Taking advantage of the situation her current family got themselves into would give her the opportunity to cash out her husband's life insurance policy and start a business with the shrinking machine he invented. So, she decides to get rid of them all by simply eating them with her lunch.

After her husband gets a wonderful boob job in a glob of mayo between his wife's heavenly cleavage, the rest of this story plays out very traumatically for all of them. With the first bite she gets her step-son. He's always been such a brat, Katelyn's never cared about him. She chews up the food around his body so she can enjoy how he struggles when she swallows him down.

Looking down at her plate she sees her step-daughter who nearly escaped the sandwich. Too bad she didn't make it further. Katelyn kinda liked her, might of kept her alive if she were her real daughter. She pokes fun at how attached she became to the baby, how she was looking forward to having a sister, but that was never the case. Tells her to scream any last words to her shrunken brother while pressing her against her stomach, as he may no longer be alive in the burning acids when she plops into Katelyn's stomach next. She accepts her terrible fate and slides down with ease, unlike her brother.

Last one left in the sandwich is her husband. Katelyn puts an end to him while having a lot of fun with it. She nibbles at the sandwich while chewing loudly and telling him to make it to the end if he wants to win, but there is no reward. It's just a game. His fate will ultimately be the same as the others, gulped down Katelyn's gullet, but it makes the power play last even longer, along with some casual talking while terrorizing him until his last breath.

Features: Cruel step mother, sandwich vore play, shrunken husband + step-son + step-daughter, swallowed whole, all third person with props, cleavagetacular dress and shots, pregnant with another man's baby, affair, findom, taking advantage, power hungry.

NOTE: Priced like it's 8 minutes shorter than it is in order to give you the first shot of the video for free with purchase. The camera was on manual focus instead of automatic, so as I'm moving around I don't stay in focus. The rest of the video is good since I noticed the problem while setting up the second shot.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
38:38 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
step-mother, step-son, step-daughter, wife, husband, vore, sandwich, eating, cruel, cleavage, pregnant, big belly, mouth, chewing, food, uvula, tongue, saliva, mayo, white manicure, affair, findom, swallowed whole, fetish video, Katelyn Brooks, Giantess K

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