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My Money is My Money and Your Money is My Money

Your pregnant wife, dressed up in the sexy sweater dress and lingerie you bought her, sits beside you and talks about how great your marriage has been. Before you came into her world she was ready to be single, she didn't think that a man as great as you existed. You love her for her heart, intelligence, independence, and you give her everything -- she deserves it! The other day you even told her "Your money is your money and my money is your money". She brings up that she's never thought about it like that, and what do you do in response?

You open up your wallet and hand her all of the money inside. A stack of HUNDREDS. What's her reaction? Surprise and arousal! Now, to your surprise, she tells you "let's make this kinky" and encourages you to jerk off. She sexily teases you with her tits, ass, and beautiful pregnant belly, all while counting the hundreds and stuffing them in her lingerie. When and what view you cum to is up to you. Your wife already had a great body pre-pregnancy and you know she'll be even more curvaceous thanks to the pregnancy and after her stomach shrinks back in. She'll be one hot MILF for sure!

She bends over with her ass in your face instructing you to put your face right in there. Her ass cheeks bounce along with the hundreds stuffed in the sides of her thong. She couldn't be happier to be knocked up by you, wants you to fill her up again tonight. After fanning herself with the cash for a moment she brings her tits back to your view and removes her bra. Her big, soft, bare tits surround your face as she whispers sexy thoughts into your ears and you jerk it to cum for her a second time.

That's right- you've already cum all over your boxers, but you just want to keep stroking and stroking for your hot wife that you love spoiling so much! Her ass backs up on your face again, this time with her thong down, and you bring her to orgasm with your tongue, making yourself cum again at the same time. "That magic tongue of yours, jeez!" Now what? Off to the mall! After you clean up all that cum from your boxers!

Features: GFE / wife and husband scenario, hundred dollar bills, stuffing cash in lingerie, jerk off encouragement, giving oral to Katelyn from behind, boob tease, pregnant belly, booty tease, loving unaware findom fantasy.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:46 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pregnant, wife, hundreds, sexy tease, boobs, ass, jerk off encouragement, findom, joi, thong, bra, dress, upskirt, booty, close up, nipples, cleavage, husband, pov, gfe, cash, loving, milf, Katelyn Brooks

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