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360 VR - A Willing's First Day as My Sex Slave

Your new owner, Katelyn Brooks, awakens in reminisce about how many times she climaxed last night at her dinner table whilst swallowing "willings" and "unwillings" at her favorite restaurant. "I can still feel several squirming around in my big bloated belly" she exclaims as her larger-than-life hand softly grasps around your body, bringing you from the nightstand to her big bloated belly. "Just look at how stuffed it still is!" You can almost spot them putting up a fight inside of her belly until the very last breath, making for a slightly noticeable twitch from the outside view of her loudly digesting belly.

But, what does she have in mind for you? Why did she bring you home with her? "As for you, little sir, I wanted to bring you home and keep you as a living dildo." You were one of the luxury items on the menu. A willing that follows every order with care and careful execution. "There's nothing like starting the day off with a really good orgasm!" If you do well as a living sex toy then she might keep you around as such for a while. Either way, your fate most certainly lies at the mercy of her desires.

She places you onto an exposed nipple and lowers a cordless vibrator down to her clit. You suck on her, it sucks on her. She moans in excitement. Her tongue rolls out toward you to give you a little taste on top of her nipple as they perk up from the pleasure you're giving them. "You have full permission to cum as many times as you want." You are lifted to what feels like the sky as she showers you in silky soft lube and then plunges you deep down onto her soaking wet pussy. Circling her clit with her newest sex toy (you!), her stomach continues to finish digesting the shrunken men she swallowed last night.

"Just look at the nice warm heaven you're about to go into" Katelyn exclaims as she slides open the entrance of her horny pussy with her manicured fingers. She pushes your very small body deep into its heavenly hole... it swallows you up, but she's careful not to break you -her toy- on the first day. "Hopefully you're really good at holding your breath!" With high expectations of your stamina she hopes that imagines that you went through lots of training... remember, you were sold at a high price, a luxury item after all... but, one of which she could easily afford.

Katelyn vocalizes how good every one of your movements feel. She warns that she will care less about your survival the closer she gets to cumming. If reaching orgasm comes down to a few more thrusts that you might not be able to survive through, then so be it! Her dominant side comes out on full display in the bedroom both through her panting words and increasingly rough action with you. You hear more about how much she likes swallowing shrunken men, she asks if being used and abused is your biggest dream come true, all as the thrusts into her pussy increase in pressure with her sadistic pleasure and decreasing care for you.

You're her sex slave. There is no safe word. You're shrunken. Your purpose in life is to give a beatiful girl pleasure -whatever that entails- even if it's the last thing you ever do, and you're ok with that.

You survived, for now. She had a wonderful orgasm and now her stomach is ready for its next meal. Breakfast. She's going to keep you around for now though, so in your new little home you go on top of her nightstand. Before she heads out of the room she stuffs her panties deep into her pussy, where you just were! She pulls them out and drops them in your house on top of you. You'll be able to feed off her cummy panties whenever you get hungry.

Features: experience life as a "willing", pleasure nipples and pussy as a shrunken sex slave, 360 vr, pov, look out of pussy as you get fucked deeper and deeper, the hornier I get the more sadistic and uncaring I am with you, digestion sounds heard when on belly, giantess voice sound effect, also includes a fair amount of vore dialogue about swallowing willings and unwillings (shrunken men).


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
21:07 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
360 VR, insertion, pussy, pov, masturbation, nipples, digestion sounds, bloated belly, vore dialogue, horny, sadistic, dominant, internal view, lube, in bed, morning sex, luxury,, toy, used, abused, willing, vr360, giantess katelyn

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