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Sexy Pregnancy Vlog - Week 25

Katelyn's currently preggo as fuck and boy does she really feel it with the third trimester coming up already. At 25 weeks pregnant she feels absolutely massive and has begun feeling baby girl kick multiple times a day. She's on her mind all the time now that she can feel her and has been baby nesting like crazy! She shows you the progress around the nursery and a few minutes in she gets interrupted with feeling a kick! A minute later she gets interrupted again with a burp and she describes how disruptive burps have been as of late, coming up whenever they so please even if she's in the middle of a sentence.

Around 5 minutes in she wraps up talking about the nursery progress and thinks it would be fun to sit with you in between her legs with a good view of her pregnant belly. She starts to rub it, leading to more burps that come out and another kick as well! Katelyn is so happy! She continues indulging you in everything about fetal movement, her belly, and more.

Her belly isn't the only thing that got bigger- she exposes her big tits and talks about them. How they've changed and how they've gotten bigger. She jiggles them and licks her nipples joking about how she's a kinky mama. You get another nice view from in between her thighs looking up her stomach while her big boobs are still out, hugging the upper curve of her beautiful pregnant belly while she talks some more about fetal movement.

(FYI not too many burps in this video, only some. No fetal movement seen, just talked about.)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:58 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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