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Swallowed into Goddess Katelyn's Belly Stuffed Full of Shrunken Slaves

Katelyn is on all fours scouring through the shag rug for more shrunken slaves to swallow and when she perks her head up she's pleasantly surprised to see Ben. He's one of her larger servants who she, half-jokingly, sent on a quest to go find more followers for her. He actually followed through and has a few new people for her! And they're her favorite- borrowers!

Something is strange around here... though. Normally, Katelyn's lair is full of little servants running about, cleaning, cooking, tenting to her every whim, but now it's silent. Ben 'asks' where everyone went. Katelyn suspiciously smacks her lips and reveals her belly. Her normally flat tummy is bulging, and digestion sounds can be heard.

She explains that she ate everyone. New slaves, and slaves that had been with her for years. Some of them went down willingly, and some very unwillingly, begging her not to eat them. Even after she wasn't really hungry anymore she kept ruthlessly cramming more and more into her belly. Why? Why does Giantess Katelyn do anything she does? Because she wants to!

She's just testing the limits of her belly. How far can it truly stretch to accommodate her meals. Pretty massive, as it turns out. And she's not even done yet. To her delight, and their dismay, the newly brought borrowers become her second feast. She voraciously torments them with her loud active digesting belly and big wanting mouth all while giving Ben a well earned close up view in appreciation for bringing them to her.

Turns out they're couples (well, just "food" to Katelyn!) and the first to go is a girl who cries in fear. Doesn't help her situation at all though. No. Katelyn is fond of salty food and so it just makes the shrunken woman even tastier! She savors her salty taste and ruthlessly gulps her down. Next she grabs the girl's boyfriend who begs to be swallowed next so he can die in Katelyn's stomach with his girlfriend. What a romantic! The second couple gets gulped down at the same time with instructions to have sex in Katelyn's stomach in order to give their village more time before Katelyn hunts it down.

After she's done swallowing the borrowers she acts like she's truly stuffed and bloated and lies on her side, placing Ben beside her big bloated belly. It's huge in comparison! She forces him to rub her stomach and gives him some unexpected news... he's going to be her dessert. He wants to serve and worship her so badly, but most certainly doesn't want to be eaten yet! It's not like he has any choice though.

He looks extra delicious. She licks him for a minute and her stomach lets out a loud digestive sound. The first dozen or so shrunken slaves that she devoured this morning have been digested, making room for Ben. She swallows the larger viewer/Ben down with a series of long laborious gulps to get a servant of his size down in whole.

Her stomach is now truly stuffed completely full, her belly is bloated out bigger than ever! She couldn't even swallow one more smallest shrunken slave at the moment. Her stomach reaching such a wonderful capacity of shrunken slaves makes her so horny~~ she sits up on the couch, eyes lusting down her big belly and closing in sexual pleasure as she brings herself to orgasm whilst feeling Ben struggle inside of her stuffed stomach. "Fuck, maybe I'll eat an entire city next, but for now it's time to digest!!"

Features: Packed full of digestion sounds with every stomach shot from beginning to end, big bloated belly, belly stuffing, two shrunken couples get swallowed whole, larger (ken doll size) viewer vore, looking into mouth back to uvula, big tits, masturbation, teasing with mouth + tits + belly, belly rubbing, vore dialogue throughout.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
33:30 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
digestion sounds, bloated, stuffed belly, big belly, close up, pov, boobs, masturbation, shrunken couple, pov, bikini, shrunken men, shrunken women, handheld, mouth, tongue, lips, uvula, shrunken slaves, ken doll, belly button, pussy, nipples, licking, st

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