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My Belly has gotten so Big... My Tits and Ass Too

"Look at how big and bloated my beautiful belly is right now." Katelyn can't believe what she sees when she looks down between her tits at her stomach which is jutting out and feels so tight and expanded, stuffed to the max. She gets on the cardio machine and gets right back off to let her last meal settle a little bit while she talks to you about how her belly, tits, and ass have gotten bigger. Her husband keeps her well fed. He treats her to any kind of meals her heart desires and buys all of the groceries - naming some restaurants, mentioning that there's so many good foods in the kitchen, all while showing you how big her beautiful belly has gotten from all of the good eats and repeatedly stuffing herself to the max!

"Do I even dare tell you the measurement?" It's grown a whopping 11 inches in the last several months from being packed full with so many delicious meals and snacks, but that's not all. Her tits just explode out of anything bra she has right now, but that's no problem, she likes when her girls are free from confinement-- and shows you so!

"I always thought about how I'd like a bigger ass." talking about how her stomach and tits have gotten bigger, and so has her booty. She slips her stretchy yoga pants underneath her glorious 40 inch booty and tells you to take it all in and cum to her expanding body. It's getting bigger by the week or perhaps, actually, by the day!

"Before I get too carried away I need to recompose myself." She'll end up back in the kitchen before she knows it so she covers her tits and ass back up and refocuses back on settling down her bloated belly. A little bit of rubbing and few burps helps enough to get back onto the cardio machine.

How long do you think she'll last on it before heading back to the kitchen to fill up the tiny bit of room that has cleared up in the last ten minutes? (Hint hint: not long... she just can't resist the kitchen!!)

Features: lots of dialogue about stuffing / good eats / body expansion, big belly, exposing big puffy tits, yoga pants, panty clad booty bouncing with cum encouragement, a few burps, a few gulps of water, peddling on the cardio machine and getting back off within seconds.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:14 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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