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Have Sex with me while your Girlfriend is inside of my Stomach

"How long were you standing there?" Katelyn exclaims after you discover her talking down to her stomach. To her surprise, you don't get mad or go running when you find out that she just ate your long time girlfriend Melissa. Instead, it turns you on and it's Katelyn's thing too. In fact, her panties are wet as she describes Melissa's movements, how she must be feeling, and how long she'll be in there.

"How about we have sex with Melissa inside of my stomach?" Katelyn knows you've been checking her out and the only thing that held you back before was Melissa's expectation for monogamy. You've always been a good boyfriend, loyal to Melissa, but now she's gone and you're extremely turned on by the situation. Katelyn's in an open marriage and her husband is at work, so it's just the two of you.

"I bet this is like a dream come true for you, feeling my skin against yours." Katelyn's had so many fantasies about fucking you, but Melissa always got in the way of everyone having a good time in bed. She would have been happy having her at full size, but this is how it turned out to be.

"Don't worry, I'll enjoy him enough for the both of us." Your boner presses against Katelyn's panty clad pussy as she talks down to your girlfriend who is trapped within the confides of Katelyn's stomach, never to be seen again. Katelyn is real dominate towards Melissa, mocking her, talking down to her, etc, while she enjoys riding on top of your cock. Throughout, which, you have beautiful view of her big bloated belly which you both love to be looking at, with only the two of you knowing exactly what's making it so big...

After you cum, Melissa is still continuing to fight back and figures out how to make Katelyn burp. She notes how it'll only last for so long since Melissa is so tiny. She's due to tire out at any moment now and if using the rest of her energy to make Katelyn burp for a couple minutes makes her feel like she's getting some kind of revenge then oh well. "How silly!" Katelyn exclaims!

Katelyn only shrinks and eats people on the weekend that way there's time to fully digest her victim before heading back to work on Monday. She doesn't want to have to explain the sudden weight gain / bloat to anyone. However, after both of you cum together, she suggests going out on a dinner date somewhere she's never been before.

Will you spend the entire weekend with her? Having the best fucks of your life while Melissa helplessly struggles within her belly, listening to how much you two are getting off to it every time you fuck?! You know Katelyn would most certainly be up for that!

Features: Katelyn talks dominantly to Melissa who is helplessly trapped inside of her big bloated belly never to be seen again, rides your cock pov sex style, and a bunch of post orgasm burping thanks to Melissa kicking around.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
20:20 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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