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Katelyn in Wonderland

-- Summary: When I end up locked out of the cottage I rented for vacation I end up seeing a white rabbit and crawling through his little hole to get inside. After getting stuck in it I finally get through and find some complementary refreshments left by the landlords. To my distress they end up making me grow larger than the cottage. My arms, legs, and head extend out of the windows and roof, trapping me inside. Just when I thought some men and women come to my rescue I overhear them talking about burning the house down. Needing to act fast, I end up swallowing them all down whole while making a very good and sexy time out of it. What else is a giant woman to do?! Eating them gives me the strength to break free out of the cottage... now I don't trust what anyone will want to do to me since I'm a giantess so I go off to destroy the world. --

In great detail: Katelyn has rented a cute, tiny cottage in England that she found on the internet. She's been awaiting this trip for a long time and is hoping to just get away from everything for a couple of weeks.

Once arriving to the cottage, she excitedly admires how nice it is outside and takes out the... "where... where did I put the key?!" She looks in her thigh high nylons and in between her boobs, where she typically stashes small items. "Did it fall?" She checks her top again, pulling it down under her boobs, and there it is! Ahh. For a second there she thought she was going to be locked out. Laughing it off, she goes to unlock the door...

"Why do keys always have to give me trouble?" She wiggles they key in little bit, but it doesn't seem to be going far. So she tries the top lock, and nope, that's not it. She tries the bottom lock again and it finally slides in. However, just when she thought all was good, the key snaps off. She cannot believe it.

Clad in her Mary Jane pumps, she stomps on top of the broken key and kicks it away out of frustration. All of this planning and build up only to be locked out of the cottage. "What ever am I going to do?"

After looking around the house to see if there is another entrance, she sits down at a cute little outdoor table and begins to think. There's a scent in the air that she cannot quite comprehend. It's hazy but soothing. She really doesn't know what to think of it, and then something unusual happens...

She notices a rabbit that appears to be wearing a waistcoat and is holding a watch. "Mr. Rabbit?" She gets up and follows him around the house, following the rabbit until he suddenly disappears into a small hole that leads in to the cottage! "How did I not see this hole before?" as she sizes up the tiny hole.

She lowers on to her hands and knees and begins to crawl into the hole. She slowly makes it past her shoulders, chest, and halfway through before her butt gets stuck. "Mr. Rabbit, can you come make your hole bigger for me? I'm stuck in it! Help!!" She thrusts her hips and becomes extremely frustrated with her day so far. Moaning and panting in exhaustion, she a few second breather, and then thrusts her hips some more until she FINALLY gets through.

She's ecstatic! She's finally made it inside, roadblocks and all. "Now to enjoy my vacation..."

A drink is sitting up on the table. She drinks the beverage and notices a cake. She eats the cake and is extremely satisfied. "Despite all that has happened, at least the landlords left some complementary treats!". Katelyn reads the note on the table. “We hope you enjoy your stay. Please help yourself to either our special wine OR cake. PLEASE DO NOT EAT BOTH within a 24 hr period” Confused as to why that would matter, she slowly dismisses the warning and helps herself to more...

Katelyn begins to get really hot. Her body gets tingly. "Is this what they were talking about? What the heck?!" It intensifies and she starts panicking. "My dress feels tighter. My thigh highs feel tighter too. And my dress is getting shorter. Oh fuck, I'm growing?! I'm getting bigger! Am I going to burst through the house?!"

Suddenly, her giant hands, arms, feet, legs, and head burst through the cottage. “Oh dear” she muttered. “Oh, that is quite enough” she exclaimed. She wraps her arms around the house and begins to lift. She is struggling to pull the house up and escape. Her legs pop up and down after every attempt. She extends her arms to the ground and begins to push against the earth. She tries with all her might, but to no avail. “What ever will I do.” She says.

Several men and women have now surrounded the cottage. “Have you all come here to help me? Please, help! She quietly and curiously tries to listen to what the little ones are saying. “Burn the...burn the…house?!?! OH NO” I-I...simply must do something... this is serious...” she quickly grabs one of the people. "You want to burn the house down? I'll just eat you, every single one!" and with a big open mouth and bouncing uvula, she swallows him down with a loud gulp."You can try to hold on all you want! It's not going to do you much good in my slippery throat!"

She enjoys her revenge, talking to him as he joins with her stomach. “I wonder if all of you taste that good!” The tines try to scurry, but not before Katelyn gets a hold of another. "You're not going anywhere except for in my belly!" She moans, smacks her lips as she savors his flavor, and makes another one watch. "I'm giving you what you deserve! Can you see the whole way back to my uvula where you'll be going next?" You watch as the guy before you hangs on to the edge of no return. She tortures him more as he desperately fights for his life... you're held against her throat as she swallows him down and moans in pleasure. Don't you regret not trying to help set her free? Now look at the predicament you're in. How silly of you to think she was a threat when she was asking for help. Now she's acting in her defense and doesn't trust anyone!! Everyone will be eaten.

She pops another into her mouth. “Mmmm, I've always liked salty food. I must be making you sweat so much!” She grabs more and pops them into her mouth and when she sees it's a man and woman she makes them fuck in her mouth while giving you a good time in between her big boobs while she sends them to her stomach with the others. "One roll of my tongue and now the girl's on top. Ride his cock!" Katelyn gets carried away and swallows them while they're fucking... not that she cares. Now it's your turn to go down! "I like making you struggle in my fingers while I show you where you're going" She salivates for you, joking that no other girl has ever drooled over you. Her mouth is so wet for you. Trapped between her fingers, you're forced to look back her tongue to her uvula. Katelyn inserts you and gulps down loudly. "I barely felt you going down, but now you're sloshing around in my stomach with the rest of them."

While Katelyn was distracted up above, some perverts invaded the house and went into her panties. They're in there fucking her big pussy. "I rather like it. Oh keep going yeah! Work those bodies harder, remember you're on a giant girl, put all of your strength into it!" Her thrusts rock the entire house as she humps in to their every movements. "Ohh, ohhh, ohh!" Katelyn has a great orgasm and With a new sense of strength she's able to lift the roof of the house off her body to get them out of her panties. As much as she could keep them as sex slaves, they were going to burn the house down and then the horny bastards helped themselves to her pussy. They desperately want to be kept by her after such a good time in her panties, and seeing how delicious her big tits look, not to mention her luscious lips.

Even though they felt surprisingly good in her panties, she realizes that soon enough the world will be her playground. Everyone will be slaves to a new Giantess on Earth. So she certainly has no reason to keep them around. They turned a once caring, affectionate girl, into a cruel GOD. But what can she say... there must have been this side of her all along. "Listen to him scream as he goes down" She gulps and gulps some more, making a man desperately hang on to her saliva for dear life as he slides down in a futile attempt to escape. Extending her tongue out long and showing her massive nipples, you are sent to the same place everyone else went with instructions to cum as many times as you can before her stomach acid breaks you apart to melted muscles and bones.

Now with everyone around her eaten, she breaks free from the bottom of the cottage and swallows down the remaining drink and cake in hopes it will make her grow even larger. "This is fucking liberating! I didn't just need a two week getaway, this is what I needed!" And with that, Katelyn crawls off to dominate the world.

Features: Alice theme with handmade props, tits popping out of top, crawling through a rabbit hole + getting stuck + thrusting hips to squeeze through, growing larger than house with limbs and head out of windows and roof, swallowed whole vore including multiple men and some women, third person and pov views, giantess voice effect during pov, Katelyn discovers that perverts have invaded her panties, moaning and orgasm, breaking free, heading off to dominate the world dialogue to end!

Note: Katelyn is pregnant in this video, so don't let the baby bump surprise you!

Second note:This is a LARGE download, nearly 2GB! Download on a laptop/tablet/PC with a fast internet connection.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
50:19 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
stuck, growth, vore, mini giantess, tits popping out, pov, thigh high nylons, rabbit hole, locked out, men, women, mary janes, pumps, pig tails, cleavage, nipples, invading panties, between boobs, alice in wonderland, eating, drinking, potion, wine, upski


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  1. sam's Avatar
    I finally bought it, man oh man it's so great, I highly recommend it to any giantess vore fan out here! There is a nice buildup intro with plenty of naughty peeks! And when Katelyn grows and starts to go mayhem, you're in for one of the best naughty giantess acting I've ever seen! The dialogue is naughty as fuck and well thought, she really knows how to be intimidating! Gotta point out all those 1st and 3rd POV too, very immersive with scenes where she grabs/eat you even presses you against her throat or in front of her mouth while she swallows others (just so many naughty difference scenes). It's a real bargain for the length/price and the high quality of the video! Thx so much Katelyn to make this fetish come to life ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/happy.png

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