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Getting in through the Rabbit Hole

Katelyn has rented a cute, tiny cottage in England that she found on the internet. She's been awaiting this trip for a long time and is hoping to just get away from everything for a couple of weeks.

Once arriving to the cottage, she excitedly admires how nice it is outside and takes out the... "where... where did I put the key?!" She looks in her thigh high nylons and in between her boobs, where she typically stashes small items. "Did it fall?" She checks her top again, pulling it down under her boobs, and there it is! Ahh. For a second there she thought she was going to be locked out. Laughing it off, she goes to unlock the door...

"Why do keys always have to give me trouble?" She wiggles they key in little bit, but it doesn't seem to be going far. So she tries the top lock, and nope, that's not it. She tries the bottom lock again and it finally slides in. However, just when she thought all was good, the key snaps off. She cannot believe it.

Clad in her Mary Jane pumps, she stomps on top of the broken key and kicks it away out of frustration. All of this planning and build up only to be locked out of the cottage. "What ever am I going to do?"

After looking around the house to see if there is another entrance, she sits down at a cute little outdoor table and begins to think. There's a scent in the air that she cannot quite comprehend. It's hazy but soothing. She really doesn't know what to think of it, and then something unusual happens...

She notices a rabbit that appears to be wearing a waistcoat and is holding a watch. "Mr. Rabbit?" She gets up and follows him around the house, following the rabbit until he suddenly disappears into a small hole that leads in to the cottage! "How did I not see this hole before?" as she sizes up the tiny hole.

She lowers on to her hands and knees and begins to crawl into the hole. She slowly makes it past her shoulders, chest, and halfway through before her butt gets stuck. "Mr. Rabbit, can you come make your hole bigger for me? I'm stuck in it! Help!!" She thrusts her hips and becomes extremely frustrated with her day so far. Moaning and panting in exhaustion, she a few second breather, and then thrusts her hips some more until she FINALLY gets through.

She's ecstatic! She's finally made it inside, roadblocks and all. "Now to enjoy my vacation..."

Features: Exclusive stuck fetish BONUS CONTENT at end! Bouncing boobs in excitement, getting locked out after accidentally breaking the only key, frustration, smelling something in the air while sitting at a little table and seeing/following a white rabbit, trying to get into the cottage through the rabbit's hole and getting stuck in it for a while before getting through, distress, yelling for help, bent over in white thigh highs with black bow and black Mary Jane pumps, upskirt view from behind with black panties on.

Note: This video was exported just for stuck fetishists... it's actually part of a much larger video! The full version includes growing larger than the cottage after eating/drinking some special cake and wine. Also, eating people while stuck in the house for talking about burning it down instead of helping to get Katelyn out.

Second note: Katelyn is pregnant in this video, so don't let the baby bump surprise you!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:30 minutes
3840x2160 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
stuck fetish, locked out, thigh highs, high heels, rabbit hole, upskirt, butt, tits, bent over, yelling for help, frustrated, distress, dress, big boobs, mary janes, pumps, nippls, stockings, nylons, alice, Katelyn Brooks

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