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Boyfriend's Secret Sneaker Fetish gets Him Crushed

You're probably wondering what I have as a surprise for you because I haven't surprised you with anything in the short time we've been together. So, look what I found when you were out- an entire box of used women's sneakers stashed away in your closet. That isn't the surprise, though. THIS is the surprise! ~shrinks you~

Don't worry, you're ok aside from the fact that your girlfriend shrunk you. Pretty cool that your girlfriend had the power to shrink you all along, huh? But you know what's not cool? The fact that you kept all of this hidden from me. For that, I've already decided that I'm going to crush you.

You're a fucking sneaker slut! Just look at all of these (dumps box of sneakers onto floor). Lucky me I guess because they're all my size. I'll have a new sneaker collection after I get them all cleaned. I see that you were sticking your dick inside of them to jack off... OMG! Now it's clear that this is what you were up to when you'd pick up the habit of running off to privacy any time you knew I'd be busy for more than a few minutes.

You think I didn't notice you running off? I'm just as kinky, if not kinkier. Sometimes I'd go masturbate too when I knew you'd be busy or out of the house for a while. Plus, you were never that into sex, so I had to take care of myself. Oh well, now I'm going to have fun with you in a whole new way and move on. And I'll enjoy it, yes! You should have seen the things I've done to my exes after I shrank them! Since you're such a slut for sneakers, I'll slip on my socks and sneakers before I crush you.

My little quirks probably made your fetish even stronger, didn't it? How I'd purposely stink up my socks... how I'd enjoy crushing bugs so much. You'd always come running to the show when I shrieked that there was a bug because you knew it wouldn't escape getting crushed by me! And now you're the size of one and as fragile as one underneath my foot!

Now, the last thing you can do for me is stick out your tongue and clean the treads of my sneakers before I crush you. Do it. I couldn't care less if it's scary being under there as I roll my sneakers back and forth around your body, step right beside you, hover my foot above you. I found some crush content on your laptop earlier too, so I know you like it! Too bad you didn't share your fantasies with me or this coulda been one of our things... too late now...

Before I crush you I want you to know I won't be missing anything in between us. In fact I'm glad I'm getting rid of you and I'm already planning on replacing you with not one man, but many. I like having boy toys. I'm going to have all kinds of fun before I settle down and the next time I'm fucking a big meaty cock I'll think about how I crushed you under my sneaker hahaha!! Ok, goodbye now... ~annnnd crrrrrusssssh~ (crush from 17:30 to 19:30 with lots of crush dialogue)

Now I have a bunch of sites to sign up to and clubs to get ready for!

Features: sneaker fetish focus, close up pov under bare soles + socked soles + Nike sneakers, shrunken man prop underneath sneakers with crush tease before getting crushed, long sneaker crush pov scene with lots of dialogue


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
20:51 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sneaker fetish, crush, pov, treads, soles, bare feet, socks, close up, underfoot

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