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Party Crusher

EmmaGear and DoD team up to tell a story of a very big girl who's used to getting things her way showing up at a small get-together she wasn't invited to. Before any attempts could be made at getting her to leave she decides everyone is going to stay awhile. Even if they have to do so at a very, very small size.

♥ 45 pages of text written by EmmaGear!
♥ 7 full-color images accompanying the story drawn by DoD!
♥ Bullying, shrinking, foot worship, and even a bit of mini giantess!
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Note: This is a 45 page written story with 7 full-color illustrations that accompany it. It's not a comic.

iPhone users: If you only have an iPhone to download to then do not purchase at GK. You can try purchasing and downloading from e-junkie instead. Please give this a read first.


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Product Details:
Producer: EmmaGear
7 HQ Photos
.zip, .pdf, .png
story, artwork, shrink, feet, mini giantess, crushing, bullying, mouthplay, boobs, body worship, fetish, EmmaGear, DoD

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