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My Toilet Paper Slave

The moment after I've taken a huge dump and realized I'm out of tp I call for my shrunken slave to come fast. I flush and a minute or two later he's on the floor looking up at me. Maybe next time I will reduce my shrunken slaves to an ever so slightly larger size so they can get to me faster!

This perverted little fuck likes the smell of my dirty ass a lot so I have him give me a rim job fresh off the shitter. Until this day he's only gotten my dirty thongs and sweaty post gym booty, except for the last couple of weeks that he's mainly been serving my soles and toes. He's so happy to be put back to work as a slave to my glorious bootyhole! This whole situation of me being out of toilet paper due to the pandemic is probably his wildest dream come true. Damn panic shoppers. But hey, he kinda actually has them to thank, and me for keeping him and giving him such a hot task serving me.

I'm quite happy that I have a bootyhole slave to lick and clean every crevice of my sweet asshole. I think he'll do his job very well and I know he's cumming during the process. I enjoy it as well, getting my asshole licked that is. I joke about how I could keep him in my toilet even tho I know that's not where he wants to be. Not up to him, though! First we'll at least see how he does out here in my world and maybe I'll even just keep him in my ass as some point. I feel a fart coming on and fart right on him, holding him in between my fingers. Now he has more work to do.

I get comfortable on the rug in my bathroom and insert him in my bootyhole so he can get in there and do a very thorough job. I get so excited feeling him serving me. I tell him to cum in my ass!

His new place of living will be my glorious bathroom until the pandemic pans out. That may be for the rest of the year! And, I don't need to lock him up in there because I know how much he's already looking forward to serving me again. For doing such a great job I give him my panties as a souvenir. He has to beware of what may be coming, though. Pretty soon I'll be digging into the beans in my emergency food stock supply and I just know I'll end up with firework worthy farts! I'm going to need more toilet paper slaves for sure. Would you like to be one too? ♥

Features: subtle giantess voice effect during your pov, after taking a dump dialogue, two farts, excited to be my toilet paper slave, anal insertion, cum encouragement, close up, shrunken man and pov, butt and bootyhole.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
17:48 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
bathroom, toilet, slave, fart, anal insertion, shrunken man, pov, close up, ass, butthole, toilet paper slave, panties, bare feet, floor view, pussy, cleavage, handheld, bootyhole, butt, femdom, farting, farts, black dress, natural manicure, natural pedic


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  1. Joseph's Avatar
    This is an amazing toilet video. It's hard to shoot ass toy videos since the desired feeling is being smothered but Katelyn gets the vibe just right. I also like the way that the tiny is a house slave of some sort. I would leave to see a series of videos of Katelyn interacting with all of her different classes of slaves. Video is overall quite hot, lots of heavy, and great dialogue to make it immersive.

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