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A Selfless Tribute: Birthday 2020

Hey there, it's your Giantess' birthday month! The ultimate time to show your love and support and celebrate my divine existence! Yesss! Make my birthday this year the BEST. ONE. YET! by doing the following 1) Add a video starring yours truly to your cart. 2) Add this to your cart.

This is a truly selfless birthday tribute from my shrunken handsome man (or woman!) to the big beautiful me! In thanks for the generosity I've included a super hot role-play style PS in the thank you note so be sure to go looking for it! ;)

After you checkout, you know what to do! Fap a real, real, real nice one off to getting completely crushed, swallowed whole, or indulging in whatever fun fantasy that hot new video you picked up entails. A wonderful way to worship is not only by enjoying a new video of mine this month, but always! ♥

If you'd like, you can top it off even more by sending a gift from my Amazon Wish List!

Giantess Katelyn


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Producer: Katelyn Brooks
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