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Blazing Hot Breakup Vore

Oh good, you're finally starting to wake up! Your girlfriend shrank you and you're nothing more than these sandwich ingredients that you're surrounded by. That's right. I'm breaking up with you and you're going into my sandwich! I've always liked making breakups fun and this will surely be the highlight of our relationship. I got bored of you so fast!

I figured this would be a fitting way to end things because you've seen me eat so many sandwiches and you always talked about the big bites I'd take. You liked watching me eat. How long do you think you'll last in my sandwich before I take the bite with you in it? Here, I'll stuff my sandwich full so that each bite is a mouthfull... you can enjoy life in whatever way you fucking can while you're in my sandwich trying to crawl deeper into it to escape getting eaten alive for one more minute!

(continues making sandwich) Will you taste metallic like my last ex that I ate? He was very metallic tasting! Will you taste salty? Will you even have a taste at all considering the generous amount of ingredients I'm adding? Guess I'll find out soon! Here, go ahead and get one last look at my cleavage and ass before I eat you~~ HAHAHA if only you could jack off right now huh!?! Get one last orgasm in! Patience- your chance at that will be in my sandwich because in a couple minutes you'll have your full mobility back, but hunny it's going to hurt to be in there. Shrinking you didn't give you super strength like ants. You're just very tiny, helpless, and weak lmao!

The thought of you struggling around in my sandwich as I eat it highly amuses me. In you GO!

... I don't want to spoil the deep enjoyment you will have in my vore tease, torment, and dialogue for the remainder of this video. All of that and the visuals are all BLAZING HOT. You will want this video in your collection FOR SURE! ...

Features: table top pov while Katelyn makes a sandwich, strong vore dialogue, playful personality, teasing and tormenting, big bites / stuffing mouth full, sandwich licking, inside sandwich view from in between lettuce, busty cleavage, shrunken man prop, tongue play and getting rubbed against nice big lips.

Note: There's isn't any pregnancy dialogue and my belly is barely seen (only for a few seconds when I get up to show my cleavage and ass), but my belly looks round in this video due to being pregnant at the time of filming it.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
26:37 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sandwich, vore, cleavage, shrunken man, breakup, pov, big bites, food, mouthfull, gfe, girlfriend, boyfriend, thong, ass, chewing, food, sub, mayo, cheese, lettuce, tomato, lips, mouth, close up, fetish video, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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