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SnapChat Bundle 3

Nearly an hour of video content and forty five pics. Content varies in nature, but it's bundled up into one package for one incredibly great deal instead of splitting it up into separate packages to cater only to specific desires. Since there's a colossal amount of video content in this bundle I've organized it into categorized video compilations for your viewing pleasure as follows:

Adventure Compilation
Enjoy some of the world vicariously through my video snaps out and about enjoying SoCal. Includes the famous LA Fair, Santa Monica boardwalk and beach, amazing views from atop a mountain while hiking, Joshua Tree Park, Disneyland Park, the Million Dollar Theater, and more!

Behind the Scenes + Misc Compilation
Smile as you watch me goof off behind the scenes at my shoots, learn how to make one of my favorite lunches, watch me have a blast hula-hooping, get stuffed in my purse, peek at some behind the scenes test footage that'll never be released in any other way, and find out what other misc shenanigans this compilation entails!

Feet Compilation
With these video snaps you can enjoy a lot of the more rare view I typically capture in video, that from my perspective looking down at my feet. Admire my feet as I kick back to relax, visit the nail salon, swing back and forth with my feet landing on your face each time when I gain momentum, drool as you look down at my delicious toes in all sorts of locations and days! Also includes never released/used video content that I spoiled my SnapChat members with - posed with my feet in the air and a city behind me, and awesome stuff on a greenscreen from so so many years ago!

Mouth Compilation
Jeezus where do I even start with this... you know my main is Vore, right? And I simply LOVE teasing you with my amazing mouth. It really gets me going! There's so much to enjoy in this compilation that you'd really be missing out without it. Truly. Enjoy amazing dialogue like you normally would from me in my bigger productions. Enjoy casual more candid vore roleplay. Watch fate place some bugs in my mouth to get swallowed down. Go for a ride with some food on a fork into my mouth. Watch me eat someone in my sandwich and you get spared for later on behalf of the the time and happiness his servitude bought you. Get kisses for Valentine's day. The list goes on... there's so much!

Sexy and Horny Compilation
My heavenly girly jizz glistens all over my pussy and fingers as I show you the mess my orgasm made, I lay all horny on my bed with little ol shrunken you in my hand to get me off before I continue my day, look behind my shoulder at some clothing on the bed... there's a shrunken man in there who thought he was gonna get some after I brought him home from the bar... my tits shine like a fucking hentai character as I bounce them in my bubble bath and pleasure my pussy, I play with my favorite sex toy *ahem* YOU and more in this one hell of a hot and horny compilation! Let's get it on!!

Duration combined: 55:10
~Nearly 1 hour of video and 45 photos!~
Video Resolution: 480x976 (Mobile)
Photo Resolution: 634x1280 (Mobile)

This bundle comes in a .zip folder -- Drag the contents out of the .zip folder to enjoy. It is a large download.

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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
55:10 minutes
45 HQ Photos
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    Ron hartso...
    I think you're videos are awesome

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