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Crushing My Ex's Miniature Trains and Houses

I just got a new pair of kicks. A pair of Nike's with thick tread perfect for hiking, and crushing. I admire them in the box, get them out, feel them, slip them on for the very first time, and I'm in heaven with my amazing new sneakers. I have somewhat of a sneaker fetish I guess you could say.

My girlfriend calls just as I'm about to head out. Whilst we're chatting I spot a box peeking out from under my bed. I walk over to it and it's exactly what I think it is. My ex's fragile miniatures!! I dump that shit onto the floor and start crushing it with my girlfriend cheering me on.

First to get flattened is a tiny house. I barely even put my weight on top of it and it just falls to the ground. I get so thrilled from the crush that it makes me jump with joy. I very much enjoy the power trip of not only crushing miniatures, but actually fantasizing that I'm actually giant, and also just because they're my ex's toys that he cared so much about. That dumb ass must have hid them under my bed and forgot where he put them!

I take a short break to tell my girlfriend even more good news on top of finding more of my ex's shit to destroy. My new man knocked me up. I'm 15 months pregnant and it doesn't surprise me with how much we go at it! Then I start telling her some juicy details about our sex life as I continue crushing my ex's toys. I get turned on.

When we get off the phone I rub myself through my pants a little bit, and then I video call my ex to show him what's going on because I like being a bitch to him. Of course I have him on mute because I don't want to hear his whining and complaining, but he still watches and signals me to stop. He actually wants the remains of his precious toys lol!! What a loser!

I hang up on him and destroy what's left. There are a few bigger pieces left that didn't crush so easily. I keep two as possible dildos because of the shape and bring one for my girlfriend to finish off before we go hiking!

Features: miniature train and house crush, Nike sneakers, parts in slow motion, ex girlfriend scenario, talking on phone with girlfriend about oral sex with new man, pregnant, video calling ex while crushing his miniatures.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
31:57 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
crush, train, house, miniature, sneakers, slow motion, destruction, ex, revenge, capris, sports bra, shoes, phone call, bitch, mean, toy, toys, trans, houses, miniatures, soles, socks, feet, fetish video, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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