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Jerk your Dick to Me while your Wife is Asleep beside You

I want you to jerk your dick while your wife is asleep next to you. Reach your hand down into your boxers, wrap your hand around your dick, and jerk it to my beautiful mouth. You shouldn't feel bad about it because masturbation is normal. Who cares if she catches you masturbating? Either she's know about it or not - who fucking gives a shit? Either way it's still happening.

Just give in to your desire and jerk your dick to my mouth. It's irresistible unlike your stupid cunt wife. Haha I bet you'd even be willing to suck on my tongue while your bitch wife is asleep beside us. Imagine it! Suck on my big wet tongue while you jerk your dick. Your wife doesn't deserve your cum, just give it to me. Feels better to jerk to me anyway than it does to fuck her. Jerking me is so much more satisfying. Yes. Look deep into my mouth and keep jerking.

Who cares what your wife will think if she wakes up. If she has a problem with it then she can leave the room and you can continue jerking your dick to my mouth. You couldn't care less or you wouldn't be doing it. That's right.

Want to know one of my fantasies? I've fantasized about grinding away on your mouth with my Goddess pussy and ass while your wife is asleep right beside us. If she'd wake up and try to start some shit then I'd probably just lap in her stupid bitch face, maybe just slap her and tell her that she can have you after I'm done riding my toy.

Features: Homewrecker, jack off encouragement, close up face and mouth, suck on tongue dialogue, saliva fetish, ass in thong, face riding / pussy slave dialogue, heartless personality, humiliation of viewer's wife, big lips, beautiful hair.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:21 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
homewrecker, masturbation encouragement, femdom, tongue fetish, mouth, booty, face riding fantasy, pov, close up, thong, asshole, butt, bent over, heartless, cold, wife humiliation, katelyn brooks

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