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Katelyn Brooks' Favorite Restaurant

What's this new restaurant with 5 stars? OMG girls are going crazy over this place, let's see "The restaurant offers their clients the option to shrink themselves and become part of the main course for their date or be served to a random patron." NO way, I cannot believe my eyes. Is this real?! "The one rule is that once you are shrunk there is no going back. All tinies must leave within the belly of a beautiful girl..." with much excitement, I GPS the restaurant and I am off to have a great night!

Now some time has past and I've eaten all of the shrunken people in my bowl except for one. The waitress asks how I'm doing. I'm doing fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing how the last shrunken man tastes. My lips wrap around his bare skin and I moan in pleasure. He tastes salty, my fav! So I make him sweat some more with teasing and scaring before I swallow him down whole. (lots of vore dialogue!)

After swallowing the last shrunken man I make myself comfortable at my table while rubbing my big bloated belly in full public exposure. You come up to my table, but I'm not looking for a date. The only room at my table is for those who'd like to get swallowed down and go to my belly. I tell you what it'd be like, open my mouth, and just when I thought I wouldn't have room for dessert it seems the first one I ate has entered the next stage of digestion. There's now just enough room to squeeze you in, so you quick go get yourself shrunk before I change my mind.

To my surprise you book us a private room. Perfect. I take my skirt off to get more comfortable and I show you where you're going. You look up from under my bulging belly which is raging with digestive sounds. You're next to the party in there. I give you a taste. You're sweet, exactly as a dessert should be, human or not. My tongue laps around your body and I simply can't resist swallowing you whole any longer. You look and hear where you're going one last time and down you go! You promised you'd struggle and I expect to feel it every last moment you're alive in there. Mmmh!

Now that you're in my belly I lounge around the private room, playing with you in my belly as I move around on the couch and admire my belly, and say my final words to you. Do you like being crammed in there with all the rest? Feels like you're making yourself pretty damn comfortable. This full belly has me ready for a nap to digest all of you, so I move around to feel you some more before getting comfortable and taking a nap before someone knocks on the door.

Features: shrunken man (prop) vore, pov vore, tasting you, mouth tease, saliva strings, swallowed whole, heavy digestion dialogue, various bloated belly angles, underboob, full stomach dialogue, digestion sounds, subtle giantess voice effect during shrunken pov, and more.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
20:30 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, shrunken man, pov, giantess voice effect, digestion sounds, digestion dialogue

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