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A Date with Blondies Belly

Bryce has been invited by Blondie to have some tea at her place. He has a plan in mind. She has a plan in mind. Neither mind the tea though.

She's been quite interested in him for a long time, picturing this day every night. Having him all to herself to play with. Trapped in her hands, helpless, vulnerable, alone. He'll scream in horror only he'll do it for a particular audience that can barely hear him. Blondie won't let him go through all the process alone though. She will take good care on making him learn what means to be someone else's food.

He already knew for a long ago what means to be human, maybe he was even still learning about it. She will give him a quick lesson on how wrong he was about everything. His only purpose in this world is to serve her body, to become a part of her. He should be excited of fattening up Blondie's body instead of fighting the inevitable. 

Before that, here comes hell.

This is a custom vid. If you want your own send your scenario to [email protected]


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
17:14 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
belly, digestion dialogue, mouth, tongue, blondie, tits, uvula, vore, red lips, tongue


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  1. Pablo's Avatar
    As is the case with tons of Rated Raw content, the description is sort of misleading. She doesn't really go on much about digestion or what it means to be food but merely calls you food. The intro is very long and the name Bryce is used, which is sort of anticlimactic and I think should't have been left out. There's no mention of either becoming energy, fat or waste at all. I wouldn't say it's a bad video but it's not well described and will disappoint you if you bought it cause of that.
  2. rrawpictures's Avatar
    Hi Pablo, Thank you for your feedback. In this case, as is the case with tons of the content I produce, this is a custom. I don't say that to avoid any responsibility on the product I sell (actually I might should point that out on the description), I'm obviously responsible for the content I create and also responsible to not mislead on any kind of promo I do. The description will always be based on what is the main point of the vid. I admit that I probably should revise the sentence "Energy, fat and waste" since even though it's implied in the context of the whole vid (besides the 3min monologue Blondies does talking to the person in her stomach) the words "energy" and "waste" are not used in the vid. That's true, sorry if that mislead you. As for the name of Bryce I assume my mistake of making a description using "you" as the main subject since it's a specific person called Bryce. Regarding the intro, I don't know what you'd call intro but in case you mean "everything that happens before the srhinking/growth" then we have here a 17:14min vid that has a shrunken person interacting with a normal sized woman from minute 2:30. Once again, thank you for your advice. I mean it, this helps. I'll correct this vids description and take good note for future vids. I also want to encourage everyone who buys vids to send feedback (good or bad), since that's a quick way to learn. Thank you!

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