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Jerking to Me Is So Much Better than your Stupid Wife

Here we are again, sneaking around behind your wife's back to jerk your dick to my mouth. You know jerking your dick to my mouth is so much better than fucking your stupid wife. She's just a stupid bitch. She doesn't deserve your money, time, or attention. She deserves to be ignored while you jerk your dick to me and give me all your cum. Jerk your dick to my mouth and tongue. Jerk your dick while you imagine drinking my spit.

Fuck that stupid bitch. Don't fuck her anymore. Just feed your addiction and jerk to me. That's right. I don't care about your wife. She's just a clueless idiot. You should steal from her and pay me. Pay me to jerk your dick to my wet juicy mouth and my big beautiful tits. Put more hundreds in the palm of my hand because of my perfect lips, my perfect teeth, my perfect tongue, and my perfect tits. This feeling is so much better than any feeling your wife ever gave you.

My tits are so much better than your bitch wife's tits. You can't help but jerk your dick to my tits. My tits control you. One thought, one glance, and you're under their spell. Unlike your wife- any time she tried to control you it was incredibly annoying. You always resisted. But when it comes to me it's a different story. You desire being under my spell. It makes your dick twitch and beg to be touched, stroked, and to climax. Your dick likes me better. Jerk your dick and give me all that cum that you deny you wife. And remember, I don't give a shit about your wife and neither should you.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:47 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
homewrecker, femdom, big lips, lip fetish, tongue, saliva, spit, cleavage, tits, money

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