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Be Mine: Personal Item Bundle

**Socks have been sold separately and will be replaced with a different worn white pair** The perfect package if you like sexy cotton basics with solid colors and stripes on me. Everything will be packed into a small priority mail box. The blue/white stripe thong will be worn and vacuum sealed right before shipping. (My scent is light fyi) Two closeups of me wearing the worn items will also be sent to your email. ;)

This huge bundle contains SEVEN items! Three bralettes + three thongs + a pair of worn socks in white! Some items have been seen in videos and/or pictures on this site and/or my social media accounts!

On the mailing label, the box will be marked from "KB". Ships to you within three weekdays (M-F) from purchase via USPS priority mail. This gives me time to wear the items, take pictures, prepare the box, and ship it off to you!

*Very important* Email me right after your purchase with your shipping name and address. My email is [email protected] Without an email from you, I might miss your purchase since I take weekends off and I don't look at my sales every week day, so this is very important! **US shipping is already included in the listing price!**


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
2 HQ Photos
x zip
bralettes, thongs, personal items, worn socks, package

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