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Be Mine: Personal Item Bundle in Black Heart Box

The perfect package if you like to see me in sexy dark lingerie! The thongs have a nice variety of textures- silky soft, velvet, and lace! Everything will be packed into the cute black heart box in the pic and then packed in a discreet package. Before shipping everything to you, I'll wear one of the thongs for a day and then stuff it back in the box! (It won't be vacuum sealed and my scent is very light fyi) To top it off I will send one closeup of me wearing the worn item to your email. ;)

In total this bundle contains one bralette, three thongs, and a free mini Rubik's cube just for fun! (as pictured) Some items have been seen in videos and/or pictures on this site and/or my social media accounts!

On the mailing label, the box will be marked from "KB". Ships to you within three weekdays (M-F) from purchase via USPS priority mail. This gives me time to wear the items, take pictures, prepare the box, and ship it off to you!

*Very important* Email me right after your purchase with your shipping name and address. My email is [email protected] Without an email from you, I might miss your purchase since I take weekends off and I don't look at my sales every week day, so this is very important! **US shipping is already included in the listing price!**


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
1 HQ Photos
x zip
thongs, bralettes, personal items, tangibles, worn panties

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