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Brought inside by a Giant Girl and Devoured

Katelyn brings two pine cones into her home because she knows bugs shelter themselves inside of them during the winter. She welcomes them out to their new home which is much warmer. To top off the big warm welcome she taps the cones into a bowl of sugar, dropping them into one of their favorite treats. However, they quickly find out that THEY are one of her favorite treats.

She dips a wet finger inside the bowl, bringing three of them up to her beautiful salivating mouth, and wipes them on her big tongue with pleasure. She moans. Her tongue wiggles in excitement. She enjoys every little movement of theirs before gulping them down and going for more...

First she makes herself a little more comfortable by undressing herself, bringing her body really close to the bowl, asking if anyone dares to jump up onto her naked body. All of this is just fun and games to her even though their lives are on the line. Next she grabs the biggest bug she sees, something a little more fit for a giant girl. A full grown woodlouse.

He has a good time crawling around on her tongue, but quickly gets scared and rolls back into a little ball. After having her way with him, she thinks of a fun little game and dumps the rest of them onto her table. She tongues a few more bugs out of the sugar, thoroughly enjoying their sweetened taste, before dumping the survivors back outside.

They were just a trivial appetizer to the real lunch that she's about to send plopping down on top of those she swallowed whole. But there's one thing that takes her by surprise. You. A shrunken man. Waiting on her table, eagerly trying to grab her attention. Buy now to enjoy the show and get devoured last!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
28:19 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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  1. Gold-Phish's Avatar
    Wow! This was awesome! Love how there are so many different sized bugs! Some are so small that you don't even notice them! Not to mention you are looking sexier (and more intimidatingly large!) than ever!

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