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Ending the Season with you in My Stomach

Get out your big meaty cock, Matthew. I want to know what you taste like. Make it really hard, I love how big it gets. That's why I kept you around since opening you for Christmas, all because of how much I love that big meaty cock of yours. I know how much you've loved watching me put other shrunken people in between these big juicy lips, watching them struggle against this big turbulent tongue, and I've really enjoyed playing with you.

Now I want to know how you taste, but I'm not going to bite through your body like you've seen me do to so many others. I'm ready to fucking swallow you whole already. But first, your Giantess demands you cum onto her tongue. Oh yeah, that's right, grab your balls too, stroke up, down, tease, swirl, and now cum in my mouth! Uhhh~ Ahhh~ Mhhh~ Oooo~!

Listen to my stomach growl in anticipation of what it expects. A new shrunken person to digest. This time it's going to be you and I hope you last quite a while in there so you can keep stoking that big cock. You'll be getting yourself off inside of me and I'll be getting myself off out here. I know you can cum multiple times. Cum again for me. I wanna taste you one more time. Ahhhh~~~

(View of stomach & cleavage from 9:33 until the end) I really love how you're holding onto my esophagus ever so gently sliding deeper into my body. Can even feel that hard cock pulsating in more pleasure about to bust another load. Mmh, exactly what I thought, that burp was a little salty, very satisfying. Just like it's been satisfying having you as my shrunken man. Having you in my mouth, tasting you, watching me. What a perfect way to end this holiday season with you inside of my stomach. Fuck.

Features: Giantess voice sound effect, belly rubbing, stomach sounds, close up to big wet lips, plump cleavage in red bra, jack off encouragement, long tongue flicking / rolling / wiggling, deep mouth cam, uvula, hair in pony tail.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:29 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
giantess voice sound effect, belly rubbing, stomach sounds, close up, big wet lips, plump cleavage, red bra, jack off encouragement, joi, long tongue, flicking, rolling, wiggling, deep mouth cam, uvula, pony tail, closeup, face, brown eyes, belly ring, na

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