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After Santa Returned Home to Mrs. Claus...

Your wife, Mrs. Claus, is so happy to see your safe return home to the North Pole after delivering all of the presents. Now you're both ready to fulfill your deepest sexual desire which you only indulge in right after Christmas and before the new year. That sweet time barely anyone knows about where you can do anything you want without it counting towards the naughty list. Also perfect timing in case anything "happens" to you, your wife and the elves will have plenty of time to figure things out when the new year starts. So, in the snap of Katelyn's pretty manicured fingers you're shrunken down to a mere inch in size.

She spreads her legs and places your shrunken body on her pantiless pussy. Her nice soft fingertips roll you around her wanting pussy lips and clit before plunging you head first into her pussy. Oh ho ho... your wife is deeply enjoying feeling you inside of her big pussy! Her hips rock up and down, her moans intensify, and she cums within minutes.

That was amazing as usual. There's just one thing she wishes- that you could do this all year long and enjoy this size difference for the rest of your lives together. As many pleasurable dildos that the elves make at their workshop there's nothing that beats you being this small in between her legs. It's something she thinks all women should be able to enjoy. Still coming off the orgasm-high, she tells you more about her size fantasies with you on her pussy, under her tits as she squeezes them, held in her palms, etc.

Now it's time to turn you back to normal size. She snaps her fingers, but nothing happens. Maybe because of how badly she wants to keep you at that size for the rest of your lives together? She tries again. Oh fuck. Nothing happens. She reassures you everything will be ok no matter what. Christmas will still go on every year and perhaps she'll get her wish after all since her magic isn't working anymore. You both sleep on it and she'll try again after you wake up.

Features: Giantess voice effect during shrunken pov, masturbation and insertion with shrunken Santa, close up pussy, pantiless, big boob squeezing and licking, moaning in sexual pleasure, getting stuck shrunken.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
17:35 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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