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360 VR A Bratty Sister's Merry Christmas

You open your eyes and see skyscraper sized Christmas presents to your left and right. In between them is your now colossal sister Katelyn dressed in that sexy little red nighty that makes your little dick jingle. She shrunk you and put you under the Christmas tree for herself because Santa's heart is too kind to give her that which she really wants - to be an only child so she can have everything to herself again.

Your brat sister raises you up to her warm mouth and laughs at you. It's hard to take your little squeaks seriously when you're the size of a bug, and that reality really sinks in when she mocks your helpless pleas that she accurately imagines. "Please, unshrink me! I won't tell mom and dad, I promise. I'll do anything!" You see exactly where you're going when she opens her mouth really wide, exposing her uvula and dipping your little body between her big luscious lips. Like it in there? You'll be going back into her mouth again soon enough... before swallowing you she's going to make sure you don't squirm around too much.

Santa was extra nice and left more presents than you've both seen in years, but unfortunately that doesn't change Katelyn's plan. She waited all year long until Christmas morning just to shove all of this in your face-- she's always been better than you and mom and dad have always loved her more. All the presents will now be hers and you'll have to listen to her open them from within her belly. And play with them too, if you're still alive at that point.

You feel your body getting weaker and weaker from being squeezed in between her big bare soles. She gives you something else to think about while you're inside of her stomach by giving you a hot minute looking her ass that she knows you've been sneaking looks at for the last few years. Still not weak enough for her preference, she pokes you over and over. Finally, you've reached the perfect amount of lifelessness for her desire- she takes her time, though, bringing you in between her lips. Drool drips from her tongue onto her nice cleavage and you go deeper, deeper, and deeper into her mouth, before never being seen again.

Now all of mom and dad's attention will be hers once again. And all of the food, money, love, gifts from relatives, the list goes on. This is exactly what she wanted for Christmas and mom and dad will be waking up at any second now. But they won't hear you from within her belly tho, so don't even waste your energy trying to yell for help. Just keep that hot image of her ass in your mind as you melt away inside of her stomach.

Features: 360 VR experience, giantess voice sound effect, big bratty sister and helpless shrunken brother, Christmas morning, plenty of mouth play in between big lips and deeper with a light drizzle of drool at end, towering bare soles, in between toes, view of cleavage from inside mouth, ass cheek peek, vore, mouth sounds.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:48 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
360 VR, bratty, sister, brother, pov, cleavage, ass, bare soles, mouth, lips, drool, vore, uvula, stomach, belly, christmas, tree, holiday, feet, presents, siblings, inside mouth looking out, close up, closeup, fetish video, giantess katelyn, katlyn brook

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