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360 VR Getting Extra Naughty with Elves (Part One)

I happily discover little elves that've gotten into my candy jar and I trap them there. Now they're nothing more than the candy they're surrounded by- sweets to be savored by me. Yes. Elves are sweet. I found that out last year. I help them fully sink that in by dunking some into my wanting mouth before trapping them in the jar again.

With one in hand I walk around and tell him how much I like to play with living food when I have it, and this year I'm feeling extra naughty. I tell the elf I'm a fucking boss who gets what she wants, not Santa's bitch trying to be good year round to earn a treat at the end of the year. Has this little elf in my hand ever been this close to a girl?!

What I want right now is to feel the little elf squirming against the most sensual, sensitive, sexual areas of my body. That is, before I swallow him whole. So I have some fun with him in between my soft tits and butt cheeks, against my panty covered pussy and against my bare pussy, and then I make him all wet with some licks so he slides down my throat with ease. You know what happens next... gulp~ ;)

Part Two is coming soon!

Features: 360 VR experience, subtle Giantess voice effect, PoV from inside candy jar, shrunken elf discovery & trapping, dipping elves into mouth, handheld, between tits, in ass crack, thong, rubbed against pussy, underboob, belly exposure, vore ending with camera licking, swallowed whole dialogue with mouth sounds.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:33 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
360 VR, giantesss voice effect, elf, elves, pov, underboob, between boobs, in ass crack, thong, pussy, camera licking, vore, belly, mouth sounds, tongue, open mouth, big lips, candy, jar, holiday, christmas, festive, red dress, vr360, 360vr, fetish video

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