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A Very Dani Christmas

Dani mischievously plays with a pre-wrapped Christmas present, held in her hands on Christmas eve. A little present from Dani, to Dani. She opens the box to find you quivering inside. It must have been so scary for you to have spent all that time locked in the box hearing all the Giants go past and being too small to be heard or rescued.

Well this is a present Dani wants to open on her own this Christmas Eve, when no-one else is about. You watch the beautiful Giant undress until she's naked and after she teases you by threatening to smother you to death with the panties she has dangling from her hands, she is instead delighted to make you sniff them. But you find yourself dragged out of your place of relative safety and into the grasp of the giant as she explains she wants to use you on her pussy to make her cum, if you don't it will cost you your life.

You find yourself underneath her pussy, only able to look up in awe at her immense size as she teases and squeezes her gigantic tits and she moans in pleasure and looks down at you, demanding you pleasure her, whether or not it costs you your life. You rub and lick and please her as she grinds on top of you with her impossible size and huge tits squeezed and cupped in pleasure until the colossal giant can't stop herself and cums on top of you.

Held up to her beautiful blue eyes to inspect you, you plead for her kindness not to be swallowed alive into her belly now that she's done with you...


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
13:37 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Dani Maye, Christmas, box, in box, panty sniffing, panties, panty smother, POV, masturbation, pussy rubbing, mouth tease, tongue, handheld, tongue, licking, fantasy, role play, giantess fetish, close up, mouth fetish, fetish, vore, swallowed alive, abs, h

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