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Secret Video: What I Did to Elfie

It's the week before Christmas and while Santa's asleep adjusting to a third shift schedule, his daughter Katelyn discovers that she has magic powers to make things smaller and bigger. Lying before her are some gummy bears she's transformed into different sizes. She quickly wonders if her special ability would work on humans, namely, her father's elves, but before going off to test it out she indulges her sweet tooth. Acting as if the gummy bears are real shrunken people at her devious mercy, she swallows one whole while making another watch, then bites that one's head off, and chews up the last one enjoying its gooey body exploding coating her pretty teeth.

Santa's kind heart skipped a generation, she jokes, before heading off to shrink one elf in particular.

"Elfie, you on break or something?" She sarcastically asks, as he's always up to no good or just plain old slacking off. He's about hip height compared to Katelyn and so you can imagine how turned on he becomes when Katelyn strolls on in to the room sucking on a candy cane and not wearing panties under her mini dress. Before he knows it, he's agreed to being a test subject to be shrunk down.

To Katelyn's surprise, he shrinks down to a few inches in height. When he regains focus he sees that now her dress he slipped underneath her bra, making him grab his balls in excitement regardless of the fact he thought he'd only shrink a few inches. Santa's daughter notices where he's looking, where he's grabbing, and her hand slips down to her pussy, realizing that she forgot to put panties on... but the touch feels so good that she doesn't want to stop. Grabbing Elfie in hand, she sits down with him at the fireplace and spreads her legs...

So, there's been this big secret around the workshop. Ever since she turned 18 she's personally tested a LOT of their sex toys. Being naughty in the bedroom doesn't put you on the naughty list, she says, as she PLUNGES Elfie into her horny wet pussy. It goes so well that she's going to suggest dropping off shrunken Elves as dildos this year! This whole situation, however, has to stay a secret because he is one of her father's 'workers', after all. Before her father wakes up, she climaxes, and then sneaks Elfie off to her room to be hidden with the rest of her dildos.

Features: gummy bear chewing & swallowing whole, cleavage from multiple angles, commando under mini dress, candy cane sucking, boob grabbing, pussy rubbing, masturbation with shrunken elf.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
31:37 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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