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Hubby Helps with My Burps before Our Party

Close your eyes, I have a surprise for my handsome hubby! Ok, now open them up! Check out my new dress for our (Christmas) get together tonight. *burp* Oh fuck, hopefully there's not more where that came from. *burp* At least there's some time for this to subside before our guests arrive... unless anyone arrives early. Maybe I'm burping because of the glass of bubbly we just shared to start our night? I keep burping here and there and you have an idea to help out. You've put in thought to this since I've been having "burping spells" lately and you're naturally very thoughtful.

I tell you not to leave me hanging. What's your idea?! You gently press on my tummy ontop of my dress. It makes me burp! Ohh! I expose my belly so you can get to it even better. You rub my belly, which seems to calm it down a little, but I can still feel more air trapped inside of me, wanting to come out. You gently push on it some more to help me and soon enough your hand makes its way down to my pussy (implied). I talk about how I'm commando under my dress so we can have a quicky at our party, you know how much that gets me going. I'm super horny from feeling your hands on me and talking about this.

The doorbell rings and my burps haven't subsided yet. Fuck! Who arrived so early? Maybe it's not one of our guests... let's just keep going unless they ring it again. At this point I mention your hard-on as you're getting me off with your hand. The doorbell rings again as I'm moaning in climax and burping and I cover my mouth.

We let the guest in (assumed, off cam) and tell them we have to take care of something and we'll be right back down, to make themselves comfortable. Now we're upstairs because I still can't stop burping which would be embarrassing for me and also because you have a big boner from getting me off downstairs. I spread my legs for you on the bed and tell you to put it inside of me.

I begin moaning and burping and quickly cover my mouth as I don't want our guest to hear. You fuck some more burps out of me in missionary with a good view of my body from pussy up. My big boobs are bouncing along with your thrusts and that's when you really pound me bringing yourself to climax. Also I feel better, no more burps! Now we know what to do if I can't shake the burps... I guess you can fuck every last one out of me, and we can sneak off to do so if need be.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:49 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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