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Transformed into My Dessert during Our Get-together

Ohh my belly is so satisfied! Let me tell you, my friend, you are very talented in the kitchen. Having this get together before Christmas was a fantastic idea. The food is one of my favorite parts about the holiday season, so I'm so glad there are so many leftovers too. And I left room for desert...

Ooh, you didn't have have anything planned for desert? That's ok, I had a backup plan, that is, if you're still into the Vore fetish like I am. You know how you gave me this little gingerbread necklace a few years ago? Well I got it enchanted by a Shaman when the Ren faire came around last summer. Two things tho. The person has to be willing and also there's no guarantee for their survival depending what happens.

So, unless you book it out of here at the last second, I'll take the silence as a yes (you're in shock/surprise) and shrink you in 3, 2, 1...

OMG it worked! Look at how small you are now! Awwhhhh!!   I was hoping to transform you into some actual desert... a tasty cookie, cupcake, slice of cake, but before I try to do that I'm going to give you a good time since this may be the last day of your life. I get real wild and lick all over your body coating you with my wet tongue, rub the sexy saliva strands on my big boobs which are pretty much busting out from my top, I plop my ass on the table and show you my perfect pussy and how wet it is playing with you like this. My hands are all over your body and I tongue you some more getting so close to eating you.

I press on the gingerbread necklace again while thinking about how much I want to transform you into a gingerbread cookie and it works! Oh my god. I lick all over your tasty body and eat you from feet to face so you can watch everything happening to you. My perfect teeth take one bite of you at a time. My tongue laps your sweet body. My bit lips suck you in again for more. You are so incredibly delicious that I'm going to want more after I'm done with you! I really enjoy every bite of you that I eat, showing you where you're going, getting eaten alive never looked so good! Everything is so sexy to the very last bite.

Now that you're inside of my belly I rub it a little and to top the night off I'll go watch a Christmas movie while I digest you!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
27:32 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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  1. Greg Viera's Avatar
    Greg Viera
    The great one is at her best again ?????????

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