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Shrunken People Really Do Exist

(I discover you right after filming a cleavage-smother scene with a doll) HOLY SHIT! I thought shrunken people didn't really exist. Out of all the places you could've ended up, you ended up here. Haha, that's perfect! I film videos doing crazy stuff to shrunken people, but they're props and you're real! (I place you on a table surrounded by filming equipment)

I'm going to be acting differently for the video, so don't get too scared. (I adjust the camera and press record) "You know what, I think you might be too small to please me. Maybe I should just turn you into a mess all over this table. Scream louder!"

While adjusting everything for the next shot, my demeanor changes back to nice. I tell you that you did pretty good. I poke you a few times, tell you how cute you are, and then we continue shooting the video after I check my script.

My demeanor turns back to dominate and demanding. "Come closer slave, rub my soles! You want your life to end today? Then move those little fucking legs faster. Finally! Get rubbing! You have to impress me or else I'll just crush you like a bug because you're nothing to me if I can't use you for my pleasure or for videos!" You don't impress me very much with your foot massage skills, you're just too scared the whole time, but that does amuse me. So, I make you run around my table to dodge my foot from crushing you. I warn that if you jump off the table that I will actually crush you. You're good at this game!

We do one more thing for the video where I have you lay on your back while you're looking way up at me -your new owner-. I have you in a very vulnerable position underneath my bare sole. Just a little more pressure on top of your body and you'd be done for. While you're under my foot, I briefly explain how your life will be from now on.

After I stop the camera I tell you if you disappoint me for real, then I probably will end up crushing you. So, even though I have a nice side off cam, you're still terrified of me because it turns out my cruel side isn't just an act. I place you into a drawer until I'm ready to shoot my next video with you, which'll probably be insertion.

Includes a subtle Giantess voice effect!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:33 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, feet, soles, close up, captured, handheld, upskirt, game, underfoot, pantiless

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