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Getting Teased Like Crazy While Slowly Shrinking

Hey, I have some really exciting news! Are you ready for it? Well, ever since you introduced me to the Giantess fetish, I've been so keen on the idea of having shrunken people that I've been practicing witchcraft in hopes to shrink people one day. Would you like to give it a try? Yes, you would!

You're looking slightly down at me. I close my eyes, close my hand, and open it. Your vision fades out for a couple of seconds. You look the same to me, but wait, I think I notice something. Stand up straight and stay still.

Oh my god. It's working! You're shrinking ever... so... slowly. How exciting! If all goes as planned then you'll stop shrinking when you're a mere inch in height. Thank you for being my test subject! How are you feeling, by the way?

I notice you looking at my cleavage and I can't blame you- my cleavage is right in your face. Hell, it's hard for any man to resist taking a peek, let alone when they're right in your face! I tease you with my cleavage in thanks for being my test subject!

You get smaller and I promise not to swallow you, even though you'll be as tiny as a gummy bear and I could go for a snack! For some reason you do look tasty tho so I lick your face. Soon enough, you're looking up at me from below my skirt. Good thing I wore panties today!

I joke about how small you are getting - I could easily pin you down just by sitting on you! But oh don't worry - it's all harmless fun and games since you're shrinking. I'm probably too heavy for you now anyway! I revel in feeling larger and more dominant and I could get used to shrinking people!

Soon enough I plant my foot on your face and joke some more... will it speed up the shrinking process if I press on you with my foot? You get pushed around by my foot and kinda fall to the ground because I'm getting a little too rough. I'm sorry.

Your shrinking completes. I reassure you and tell you not to worry, despite how much quite possibly dangerous fun I'm having with teasing you. And even though I like crushing bugs, this won't end in me crushing you because I'm a good witch. Someone on my bad side might not be as lucky tho.

In bad news, I haven't practiced any kind of… unshrink spell and you live alone, which would make it challenging for you at your new size. I offer to take you home with me so I can figure it out and keep you safe. You agree. I gently pick you up, welcome you to ride in my backpack, and off we go!

This video is downpriced because I'm unfortunately a bit out of focus. (Maybe I should shrink my cameraman next and crush him?!) The shrinking and my acting and teasing all rock tho, so I think it's still worth picking up if the scenario interests you!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:08 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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