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4K 360 VR A True Witch's Treat on Halloween

Oh little thing! Where are you? Of course, you're where I left you. You've been very obedient since day 1 in hopes that I'll return you back to your normal size. That's never going to happen, but tonight you're going to get to come out with me! It's Halloween and didn't I choose such a fitting costume considering that I'm a witch in real life? Haha!

One difference between me and the Sanderson sisters is I am truly a young beautiful witch. And I don't need you for any reason. The only reason I shrank you is because what else is a witch to do with her time? I have and I get everything I desire and one thing that brings me great fulfillment is torturing little things like you!

Tonight you're going to get to stay right here (points to stomach) when we go out. Oh no, no, no, I'm not going to keep you in my costume. What fun would it be to have a little bug sized man like you trapped inside my sexy dress being an annoying little itch? You are going to go here (points to stomach) through here (points to mouth). I'm going to swallow you alive and whole!

You are going to be a true witch's treat on Halloween. The only question about it is- how long are you going to survive inside of my stomach? If it were up to me, I'd keep you in there for an eternity! Hahahah! But as powerful as I am, not even I can control your fate past swallowing you whole.

Would you've ever guessed this is how your fate would turn out to be after all of the incredibly sexy times we've had together? Oh, don't worry, I have high hopes you'll last a long time in there. Let me tell you. Other people I've shrunk down didn't last as long as you. Some didn't even make it home with me before I realized it wasn't sweat under my clothes, it was their remains.

But YOU are a totally different story. I cast my newest shrinking spell on you and you have lasted through so much. Getting pressed under my feet, squeezed in my hand, sat on, pushed against my breasts, rolled around on my tongue, fucked... and the fact you've lasted through all of that gives me high hopes that you'll be alive for a long time inside of my stomach! I'll give you one last hurrah looking at my sexy body before I eat you because I love how pervy you are! Ha! Oh yeah, and don't be surprised if I send someone else down to my stomach tonight to join you! Goodbye little morsel!

Only 9.99 in celebration of the Halloween holiday! Enjoyyy! Xoxox


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:05 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
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