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I'm Slowly Growing

Ok guys so as you know I took a growth potion a while ago... months ago.. and I thought it was a bust since nothing happened. However, now I realize that I am actually growing. While it's going incredibly slow, it's definitely happening. And here's the proof. See all of the sexy shoes behind me? They're all a size 7 - it's been my shoe size ever since my final growth spurt in my early 20s, but now look. *tries on several pairs* they're too small!

I was first clued in to my growth after having to exchange some new shoes for a half size larger. I was thinking they ran small, but my previously owned shoes are now too tight for me to comfortably wear. So, the fact is I'M GROWING! You know that I want to be huge. A 100ft giantess at the smallest.

I got another one of those growth pills from the lab my girlfriend works at. We made up after I stole one last time, she forgave me and I'm now some kind of lab experiment for that company... how crazy is that? They don't even mind I'm making growth videos because most people will just think it's role-play. It works out really well.

Anyway, now I need new shoes that fit my feet properly, you can help by shopping shoes that I add to my Amazon wish list. And of course check it again later because if this growth continues, which hopefully it will, then I'll grow out of the new shoes you get me and I'll need even bigger ones yet. When my growth finishes and I'm 100 feet tall I won't need any shoes or clothes. I'll be naked and cumming to wrecking havoc on the world!

Oh and I bet you want a few hot minutes to jack your dick to my newly larger feet right? Have at it while you can enjoy it because these are the very feet you're going to see coming down to crush you when I grow into a Giantess. That's right. I'll enjoy feeling your body turn into a smear on the sole of my foot. So don't ever wonder how you're going to di bc I just fucking told you.

In the meantime, you need to start worshiping my feet on a more daily basis. Doesn't matter if you're "not a foot guy". You'll learn to enjoy it. If you're absolutely in the mood for something else, go ahead, explore your sexuality, but always come back to me and my feet. They are fucking divine. I always keep them in perfect condition. Doesn't' matter the season, my feet are always this pampered.


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Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:44 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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