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Two Autographed Photos

Pick your favorite two, download them, and email them to [email protected] along with your mailing name and address and anything special you'd like written on the photo such as your name / pet name or a message that would mean a lot to you. Specify if you'd like it written on the front or back. Signature will be on the front as "Giantess Katelyn Brooks". (you can request for it to be on the back if you like) ♥ Each photo comes with a protective sheet. Price includes shipping anywhere within the United States. Plain/discreet packaging used. Return address from "KB". Ships within one week from purchase. Pick one extra just incase one of the photos you've selected has sold out. Price for one is $35 + shipping, gotta email me for a special link to check out. If you'd like some personal items as well then check out Giantess Katelyn Fan Package


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Producer: Katelyn Brooks
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