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Just The Crush - A Compilation from 2016 and 2017

Gotta be honest here. This crush compilation blows my 2018 crush compilation out of the water. I was apparently more into the crush scene a few years ago, and I'll say that editing this together made me want nothing more than to grow into a Giantess and crush my house into the fucking ground and twist my feet ontop of it until there's nothing left than a hole until the ground. Yeah, that feeling hasn't gone away. Want me to crush your house too while I'm at it? Just give me your address. After I grow into a Giantess I'll still check my email, use a gps, and get to each and every one of you who want to be crushed. It'll kick ass crushing everything along the path I take to you. Fuck. I'm off topic, not even writing about what this video entails, so clearly you can tell how horny I am for crush after editing this together. So, back to the hot details of this hot crush compilation. The segments include the time around just the crush from the following twelve videos:

- A Voyeur's Last Perversion
- Crushed Limb by Limb
- Hotel Maid gets Herself Crushed
- Invincible to getting Crushed
- Not Again - My Date is Shrinking
- Now You're All Mine Jason

- Crushed for the Last Time
- Horny to get Crushed by Giantess Katelyn
- In Love with Katelyn's Smells
- My Uncle Came back to Life to get Crushed
- Niece Crushes Uncle under Monstrous Platform Sandals
- Stepping on Cars at Sunset

This video wraps up my previous years' crush compilations. I'm not planning on editing videos together that are any older than these unless it's heavily requested. However, you can look forward to a new crush compilation to come FOR SURE - I will do one every new year from here on out.

This is also a way for you to enjoy a short segment from each of my full videos for those of you who don't purchase every one. (Some are pretty long and have tons of teasing) If there's a segment you REALLY like, well, you know what to do! All of the full versions of these videos are available!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:56 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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