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Just The Vore - A Compilation from 2018

If you're into Vore then this is something awesome for you. (Perhaps I'll do a crush one sometime) Editing this gave me fucking chills because of how well the video segments portray my true vore sadism and the sexy times I had with my fetish last year. It's an epic compilation covering the time surrounding just the vore from eleven of my videos released in 2018. Segments from the following videos are included:

- Your Final Destination
- Ex Vored before Fuck Date
- Longing to Sacrifice Yourself for a Giantess' Hunger
- Spectator Sport
- Hidden inside of a Spy's Stomach
- Pregnancy Craving for a Shrunken Man
- Voring My Controlling Stepmother
- Cam Girl Swallows Hacker
- Enjoy Bouncing in My Big Tits before I Swallow You Whole
- Binge Eating Daughter Eats Ants and You (no bugs involved in segment)
- Seduced and Eaten by Half Sis

At some point I will be making more compilations, keeping the fetishes specialized for each video and covering a year of fetish indulgence. Vore from 2017 is definitely on the list as well as making this something you can look forward to in the future after bringing in a new year. It's also a way for you to enjoy a short segment from each of my full videos for those of you who don't purchase every one. (Some are pretty long and have tons of teasing) If there's a segment you REALLY like, well, you know what to do! All of the full versions of these videos are available. Anyway, I like giving you something to look forward to, new things to indulge in, and I thoroughly enjoyed working on this *ahem*!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:05 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, compilation, shrunken man, pov, saliva strings, uvula, mouth, lips, tongue, belly, stomach, tits, boobs, cleavage, close up, shrunken woman, kiss, lick, open mouth, handheld, endoscope, string, lingerie, thong, bra, throat

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