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The Perverted Sex Therapist

You're in a relationship of a half year and happily going, apart from occasional trouble lasting in bed. Not that you can't last… it just feels so good lose control and you go for the home run before your girlfriend cums and then it's game over. Literally taking matters into your own hands, you've morning masturbation sessions in order to last longer at night when you have sex with your lover. Doesn't matter where you do it, it's just something you feel needs to be done. Despite the fact it's helped you last longer, she still isn't cumming most times you have sex, perhaps because you're wasting your fully rock hard cock jacking off in the morning. In other words, it's been smaller and less enjoyable for her at night.

In order to help you, I'm going to have to ask you a very personal question, but keep in mind this is only for professional help. Did you masturbate this morning? No, you did not? You're telling me the truth? Alright then, that brings us to the next part of your session. I'd like to introduce you to something called “Edging” that will be most helpful to you in bed. It is the practice of taking yourself, or being brought to, the point of orgasm, then stopping before reaching the peak. From what I understand you've only -somewhat- tried this before, but without much success, correct?

No worries. I would like to help you master this technique. If and only if you're comfortable with it, I will professionally assist you with sexy visuals and instruction. You will need to do everything I say. Would you like to proceed? (I reveal more of my cleavage) Just to be clear- I will not be touching you. So relax your mind and enjoy our session.

Now that you're close to cumming, one of the important things you need to do is stop jacking off and stop thinking too. Let me get into your mind and give you something else to think about for a moment, and then start jacking off again when you don't feel close to cumming anymore. Now imagine what it'd be like it you were a shrunken man with at my mercy during this session. (Starting at 16:40... and this video begins to get off the wall hot) And if you'd prematurely cum, then I'd get rid of you as if you were a mere bug, yes, I'd crush you onto the sole of my shoe or maybe even under my bare soles. I've crushed bugs before and with pleasure. I like how it feels when I make them pop, in any way, and even using different body parts of mine.

Now I go through the ways I've crushed bugs with my sexy body and soles, really getting into it, and you nearly orgasm... I have to remind you to keep yourself in check... but you lose it once I get to my breasts. Oh, too bad, I shrink you with the snap of a finger, and I ultimately swallow you whole, sending you where I've sent many others, some of which are still alive in there. At least you won't get lonely. (super hot vore tease with saliva strings, lens licking, shrunken man view and pov, wide open mouth uvula views with extended tongue, big wet lips, tons of vore/digestion/similar dialogue) It turns me on so badly that I masturbate with you in my stomach while it moans in pleasure of your arrival. (stomach sounds added) You'll be alive in there for more days and years than you can imagine, so make yourself comfortable. In fact, continue edging while you're in there, because I may send a girl down for you to date. Perhaps even my next client? Taking you into my body keeps my craft strong, my body takes its time digesting you not leaving a single trace left. Your skeleton will be digested and all, and in the snap of a finger all evidence of you ever being to my office, including memories others have, is erased.

Features a subtle giantesss voice effect during your shrunken pov and stomach sounds after I've swallowed you, I masturbate to feeling you inside my belly, and I have more than one orgasm during this video. This is the kind of video you can cum to multiple times, before finally being able to complete your way through it after multiple masturbation sessions!!! This video gets my "oh fuck I came" seal of approval!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
36:48 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
voice fx, stomch sounds, therapist, upskirt, pussy flashing, edging, big boobs, ass, bent over, office, masturbation, rubbing tits, nipples, cum strings, close up, pov, shrunken man, handheld, palm, between fingers, multiple orgasms, saliva strings, big l

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