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Lured out from under the Couch, Captured, and Crushed

You've been hiding under my couch for days on one of my dirty socks you managed to bring with you. How about you come out today and continue living your biggest fantasy to worship my beautifully pedicured feet and soles? Or are you still too afraid after seeing me crush some of my other shrunken pets?? Being a tiny in my world turned out to be more than you thought you could handle, but there's no going back now. What you're going through right now is natural. You're going through a phase. I've seen it happen before.

You know you surrendered your life to me, gave me everything you had in order to become a shrunken man under my sexy soles. Remember before I shrunk you, you had always dreamed of being a shrunken man inside one of my shoes? How about you come out and make that dream come true tonight hunny? (I kindly lure you with a pair of my sandals with footprints on the insoles) All you need to do is come out and truly live this new life of yours, yes that right just a little bit more, come out and I'll give you an amazing view of my ass too... gotchya!!

Hah, look at this fucking idiot right here he actually fell for it. (I talk to you / viewer, and compliment you for being one of my obedient shrunken pets, all while tormenting the other shrunken man with a completely different attitude towards him. My attention is mostly on the other shrunken man as you watch.)

Today is your dying day! I'm going to fucking crush you! You're jealous of my other shrunken pet? The situation you're in is your own dumb fault! You could of had it as good as him! My other shrunken man required no training, has been fully obedient and serving of me - his Giantess - and it turns out you are not worthy of being my shrunken pet! I have zero tolerance for weak men like you, there's no second chance for you. I'll give you one thing tho. I told you I'd give you a nice view of my ass so here it is, my glorious ass, and in between my toes... just because I'm getting closer to crushing you! Being that it's my day off from running business, I'm not going to spend much more of my time on you, I'm going to crush you right here on the carpet. (The world spins as you fall to the floor, you know there's no escape)

Even tho I'm going to crush you, I'm not even turned on by the thought. That's a surprise! I'm usually always turned on when I'm about to end a shrunken person's life. I'm just sick and tired of men who think they can serve me and then turn out to be too pathetic to keep it up. I'm disappointed in you, but since you gave up everything you had for the opportunity to serve me I'll at least let you get off one more time to my feet and ass as I crush you. (I threaten to pull off your limbs one by one if you try to run and you accept your fate and cum during a slightly humiliating countdown) Ohhhh, feeling you squirm and crush under the ball of my foot is turning me on after all!! (I masturbate on top of my bootytastic jean shorts as I crush you into the rug and moan in orgasm)

Features a subtle giantess voice effect throughout.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
20:30 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
katelyn brooks, voice fx, pov, shrunken man, pedicure, bare soles, ass, hiding, countdown, crush, pink nails, booty shorts, jean shorts, butt, afraid, feet, sandals, captured, dirty socks, foot fetish, lured, seduced, floor, carpet, footwear, fetish video


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  1. Chris's Avatar
    This was amazing! camera angles and attitude. loved the dialogue and loved that you referred to them as tiny instead of bugs. Would love to see this same video done in VR!

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