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Turns Out My Date had a Giantess Fetish Too

Ready? Here I come! Like my sexy lingerie? I know, I look so good in it. So here we are, back from our lunch date. There's something I wanted to save for telling you when we got back. You know how you told me about your Giantess fetish? Well, I have it too. Not only do I have it, but I describe various ways I've had fun with men I've shrunk all while seducing you to be next. Before long, you agree, you can't resist this opportunity, and in the snap of my fingers you reduce in size to a tiny tiny man.

I walk over to you. Look at me, so big, so tall, a Giantess. I rub you up against my giant body parts, as dangerous as they are to a tiny man like you, while I figure out what aspect of the fetish you're in to. Is it boob crush? Butt crush? Foot crush? Getting swallowed whole and sent to my stomach? No... ohhh, it's thigh crush?! Well isn't that unique? I don't think I've ever crushed a shrunken man between my thighs before. Let's bring this to the bed!

Now that I'm holding you between my thick thighs you're really going to have to yell for me to have any chance of me hearing you at all since you're so tiny. And, good luck with that, considering how tightly I'm holding you between these oh so soft and grabable thighs of mine. I make you beg for me to keep pushing them together until you pop. I hear it, and well... you wanted a Giantess and you got one!

Features a subtle giantess voice effect during the shrunken pov scene, sexy lingerie and giantess fetish seduction, teasing a shrunken man with my tits ass mouth feet thighs, and pov looking up at my sexy body from my panties and pussy while I crush you in between my thick thighs.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:17 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
katelyn brooks, voice fx, pov, shrunken man, lingerie, thighs, legs, full body tease, thigh crush, thong, ass, butt, cleavage, sexy, pussy, voice effect, fetish video, giantess katelyn

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